In today’s society, technology is everywhere and it shows no sign of dying down. It has literally taken over our world and is changing the way we live our lives for the better. From the earliest forms of technology, such as woodworking tools and textile machines, to more technologically advanced things like the internet and computer networking, technology has always been important to humankind. In fact, it has been a factor that has helped shape the very foundation of civilization.

Technological change is changing the face of industries and jobs in many ways. In broad terms, Technological Change refers to the gradual introduction of new and highly developed tools and materials that are useful for producing different kinds of products and services. In the past decades, high tech has been one of the fastest growing fields in all of human endeavor. Technological change is actually a term that encompasses a number of things, including scientific advances and societal changes that have affected the way people work and the economy.

The high-tech business field is going well beyond the traditional confines of computer systems design and hardware manufacture. Employment in the IT field, or with the help of information technology (IT) specialists is growing at an exceptional rate. The number of jobs available in this sector is expected to keep growing for the foreseeable future. The job growth outlook for this field is very positive as well due to several factors, including the increase of cloud computing usage and the increasing demand for professionals with knowledge in artificial intelligence and computer systems design.

The number of tech jobs in India is expected to grow at a faster pace in the coming years. There are many multinationals and large companies in India that are making a beeline to Indian technical skills. India has been shortlisted for taking up positions related to Artificial Intelligence, Computer science, Cyber Security, Consumer Data Management, eCommerce, Financial Services, Internet, Mobile Application Development, Mobile Industry, Social Media, Software Development, Web Design and Web Development. The need for professionals with these skills is on the rise due to the growing competition in these sectors. Companies have started to pool in money and manpower from abroad to shore up their positions in India.

This high-tech boom has also led to a marked skill shortage in certain fields. IT professionals will not be able to get enough work in some sectors due to the lack of skilled people working in that field. According to estimates, around 4.7 million professionals across the country are likely to lose their job in the next two years because of a shortage of trained people in certain fields. In the field of computer systems design and manufacturing, there will be a severe manpower crunch.

Some other fields like electronics and electrical have fewer chances of experiencing a shortage of workers in coming years. This is because the demand for such things like IT professionals is increasing every year. The shortage is likely to reduce as time goes by and the number of people working in these fields gets higher. However, it is better to get trained to get into one of the high-demand IT jobs in time before things like computer systems design and manufacturing become hard to find.

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