In comparison to other airlines in the US or Europe, International Consolidated Airlines Group S.A., which owns British Airways, Iberia, Aer Lingus, Vueling, Level, and IAG Cargo, is in the best position to benefit from the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022. A new rewards program called IAG Loyalty is one of the many signs the company is quickly recovering. Thousands of new members joined Qatar’s Privilege Club in the first month after switching to IAG’s Avios Currency, according to an IAG Loyalty spokeswoman. Any Oneworld airline accepts Avios from your ICAGY as payment for flights. 

When compared to other airlines that only have one brand, the stock (ICAGY) is undervalued and 25.1% of Icagy is owned by Qatar Airways, which is currently trading at a discount. Before COVID, the stock fluctuated between $9 and $19; after COVID launched, it fell from $17 to $2.72. A quick uptick in the stock price should follow ICAGY quick road to recovery.

Concerned that the Covid-related bottlenecks at ports would derail just-in-time supply chains or cause them to miss deadlines for the launch of new products or the beginning of new fashion seasons, auto-parts suppliers, clothing manufacturers, and tech companies, which all typically rely on sea freight to move their goods, had started to switch to air. Abbie, the proprietor of Palmer & Purchase, a women’s clothing and accessory store with three locations in New York, said, “You can’t rely only on ships anymore.” To make sure it gets here before Christmas, I’m flying in our entire winter collection. International Consolidated Airlines Group S.A. is well situated to gain global market share while benefiting from rising airline passenger and freight revenue. Icagy logistics operation which aims to provide Amazon with a logistical air network to move packages from their warehouse to the airport.Icagy’s first major contract is with Amazon to provide air freight services in Europe. 


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