Here’s Why Walmart Hasn’t Been Accepting Returns For Months – NBC Los Angeles

Massive retailer Walmart hasn't accepted returns in California for months. Annoyed customers say they want their money back and have reached out to the NBC4 I team to find out why they can't get it.

“I'm a busy mother. I work full time. If I go there, I can pretty much buy groceries, beauty, socks and everything I need, ”said Toni Zinn-Taylor, a Walmart customer.

Tin-Taylor says she spends hundreds of dollars a month at Walmart, so she was irritated when she recently attempted to return two items and the giant retailer turned it down.

Walmart, unknown to many customers, temporarily changed its return policy during the pandemic. For the time being, customers would not be able to return items such as groceries, detergents, beauty products, and clothing for the safety of employees and customers.

Almost six months after the pandemic began, the retailer allows returns in all states except California and Illinois. It wasn't said why California was one of the exceptions.

“For me we're talking about $ 20 worth of stuff. For someone else, it could be $ 200 or $ 300, ”Zinn-Taylo said.

The attorney general told the I-Team that changes to the return policy are okay as refunds and exchanges are not required by law.

Will Walmart reintroduce its return policy? The dealer said yes – he just doesn't know when.

The answer is frustrating for the loyal customer.

If you need to make a return, see Walmart's return policy on their website. If the return is accepted again, it will be posted there.

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