Pittsburgh, PA – Raycycle is a full-service solar energy solution provider. The company ensures every home and business benefits from custom and sustainable solar energy solutions without hurdles. Before installation, the company uses sun and shade analysis software to determine the number of panels and the initial design. An average solar system installed by the solar contractor lasts 25 years, but before installation, they perform a cost-benefit analysis to ensure solar installation is a better option compared to electricity. The company always aims at having the installed system paid in full within 5-7 years from the cost savings of moving from electricity to solar.

Raycycle only works with top manufacturers to ensure they have high-quality systems that produce the most optimal power possible. This ensures they have the most up-to-date and quality solar panels. They offer service contracts as an assurance on the equipment life cycle, assist with applying for federal and state tax credits, and provide affordable financing options.

The company representative had this to say about their commitment, “Our vision is to be the leader of America’s energy transformation through innovation. We want to transform homes and businesses through innovative energy solution distribution.”

Raycycle aims to bring accountability and transparency to its process by ensuring its energy solutions are a perfect fit with the client’s needs. This is considering that there are instances where solar has proven to be less efficient after feasibility studies. 

The solar panel expert provides ongoing maintenance and assistance once the installation is over, which helps maximize the solar system’s lifespan and save money along the way. Going solar is not just a smart, eco-friendly choice but a better option that provides peace of mind without having to worry about power bills. There are also many federal and tax incentives that reduce the cost of installing solar power systems, making it an affordable long-term investment.

Raycycle has a simple three-step process that makes their solar installation process seamless. Their process begins with a consultation call to better understand the client’s unique solar needs. During the call, they discuss the solar energy benefits, tax incentives, finance options, and questions related to financing, installation, solar technology, and any other questions that the client may have.

After the initial call, the solar panel installation Pittsburgh does an assessment where they collect information related to the building’s structure, roof condition, pitch and style and type, electricity costs, usage, and energy backup. After doing an analysis and certifying that solar is appropriate, they create a proposal with 3D images of the installed system and the estimated monthly savings on energy bills. Lastly, they schedule the solar installation after applying for construction permits and other approvals, apply for utility net metering with the client’s utility company, and work begins.

Raycycle is headquartered at 608 E. McMurray Rd Unit 202, McMurray, PA, 15317, US. Clients can call the company at 412-567-2428 for inquiries or visit their website for more information on their services.

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