Santa Fe, NM – QC Kinetix (Santa Fe) uses regenerative medicine, a natural solution that engages the body’s own healing properties to restore damaged tissues, tendons, ligaments, and joints. The treatment therapies have been proven to work on various conditions such as joint inflammation and chronic pain. 

Regenerative medicine has been proven to be an effective method to replace invasive surgeries and over-reliance on pain medication. Their sports medicine protocols speed up what the body would naturally do by taking advantage of its natural healing capabilities.  They offer long-term solutions that ease pain by using the body to heal itself with improved functioning, quality of life, and long-lasting results.

QC Kinetix (Santa Fe) combines traditional sports injury treatments with regenerative medicine to get the benefits of both. Patients report fast recovery and are also less prone to reinjury since the regenerative therapy helps to strengthen existing tendons, ligaments, and cartilage. The treatments improve functionality and the overall quality of life by minimizing pain and inflammation and restoring degenerating tissue.

The sports medicine treatments at the Santa Fe sports medicine clinic targets pain in different body parts such as golfers’ elbow, low back pain, torn Achilles tendon, torn rotator cuff, shoulder pain, tendon, and ligament tears, and any other pain associated with sports injuries. This ensures patients go back to their sporting careers or hobby as quickly as possible since the treatments have minimal downtime and no known risks. The treatments may also be a non-surgical alternative to knee repair and replacement surgery.

QC Kinetix (Santa Fe) sports medicine Santa Fe Santa Fe sports medicine clinic has a team of experienced medical providers who have so far treated hundreds of patients nationwide. The medical providers guide patients every step of the way to ensure a smooth treatment and recovery process. Each patient at the clinic receives specialized treatment depending on the type of injury. They offer personalized concierge-level services and customized care.

A happy client had this to say about their experience at the clinic, “When I visited the clinic, I could hardly walk. Both ankles were inflamed as a result of a serious injury suffered while running on the field. I had tried all other options in vain and decided to try the clinic as a last resort. I am happy to report great progress. I can walk on my own without support and it’s only 3 months. I highly recommend them.”

To book an appointment with one of the clinic’s medical providers or make inquiries clients can call (505) 226-8688. They can also visit their website to search for the nearest clinic and more information on their services. QC Kinetix (Santa Fe) is located at 2945 Rodeo Park Dr. E, Suite 5, Santa Fe, NM, 87505. 


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