Nearly 6,000 Pounds Of Methamphetamine Seized By Los Angeles DEA Agents In Nationwide Operation To Disrupt Cartel ‘Transportation Hubs’

LOS ANGELES (CBSLA) Dozens of people were arrested and more than 5,000 pounds of methamphetamine and nearly $ 16 million were confiscated in the Southern California area when the nationwide operation was carried out to disrupt the Mexican cartels' transportation hubs.

The six-month "Operation Crystal Shield" was launched on February 20, after the DEA identified nine major hubs for the methamphetamine trade: Los Angeles, San Diego, Phoenix, Houston, El Paso, Dallas, St. Louis, New Orleans and Atlanta. These nine cities combined accounted for more than 75% of the methamphetamine seized in 2019, according to the DEA.

The Los Angeles Field Division, which includes all of Southern California from Orange to San Luis Obispo as well as Las Vegas / Reno, Hawaii, Guam and Saipan, was responsible for 16 investigations, 34 arrests and the seizure of 5,752 pounds of methamphetamine, more than 15.9 Million dollars in drug sales and three guns.

"This targeted operation, even amid the pandemic, enabled us to rid the community of a dangerous and highly addictive drug that plagues our streets in Los Angeles and elsewhere," said Bill Bodner, special agent for the Los Angeles Field Division in one Opinion.

The results of the six-month "Operation Crystal Shield" were announced Thursday in Phoenix by Attorney General Barr and Acting Administrator Timothy J. Shea. The nationwide operation resulted in more than 750 investigations, nearly 1,840 arrests and the seizure of more than 28,560 pounds of methamphetamine, 284 firearms and $ 43.3 million in drug proceeds.

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