Our Team

Mike Crews
Chief Editor

Our Chief Editor and our fearless leader. He and his wife split their time between New York City and West Palm Beach. He enjoys golfing, fishing and is, of course, a voracious reader of historical fiction.

Cheryl Lafayette
Assistant Editor

Assistant Editor and primary contributor to our real estate section. She is a native of Brooklyn and still resides there with her husband and children. Loves dogs, real estate investing and more dogs.

George Gray
Staff Writer

the office comedian and primary health blogger. Ike has yet to walk into work without a large coffee in hand. He loves unicycling and long walks on a short beach.

Brenda Foy
Staff Writer

our first hire as staff writer and is our resident freedom fighter. She is a contributor to both our legal and non-profit categories and is a marketing wizard with a passion for cooking.

Beatrice BGaston

Aniya is a part-time contributor and full-time rescue dog mom. If's she's not polishing up all of our articles, you can bet she's out bike riding or saving the world one doggie at a time

John Hammonds

our top featured contributor and backup tech guru to Miggy. Craft beer, urban fantasy writing and competitive gaming take up most of his time now that he's given up the digital nomad life.