Pittsburgh, PA – Life is demanding and time is a commodity hard to come by, seemingly even more so in the Fall after the lazy days of summer have slowly faded. It’s hard to find time for everything that’s important, including the care and cleanliness of a car. Fortunately, No-H2O Pittsburgh North offers a diversified business line which provides convenient on-demand services at affordable prices.

No-H2O’s innovative car wash system has saved over one million gallons of fresh water per year over the last five years using eco-friendly technology. That’s 143,000 + clients making an impact through water conservation, proving auto detailing in the Pittsburgh region has never been better for people or the planet.

Delivering the ultimate in convenience, No-H2O brings this state-of-the art car washing technology that protects vehicles and the environment directly to the client. Using their own unique, innovative, and biodegradable products, dirt particles are emulsified and absorbed into special microfiber cloths, providing an extra layer of protection for exterior paint. This mobile service eliminates the line, making it simple to schedule wherever people work, live, or play. 

Scheduling services with No-H2O Pittsburgh is a cinch. After downloading the car wash app, appointments can be arranged from anywhere in just 4 clicks. Once mobile detailing services are scheduled, a team of trained and experienced technicians fulfill the request, often in less than an hour.

No-H2O was launched in Dublin, Ireland, in 2007 and is the first company to build a tailored on-demand in-house app for car washing and auto detailing. Since its inception, the company has proven its innovation and supplied waterless products in Europe, the US, and around the world, leading to the company being named franchisor of the year and one of the world’s fastest-growing car wash franchises by reputable associations.

The No-H2O Pittsburgh North team is made up of skilled car wash experts who go above and beyond to deliver a detailing done right. With hard work, honesty, and teamwork as central values, their commitment to providing customer-focused services that surpass expectations, and their role in water conservation for future generations, there’s no question this team is the go-to in car clean.

To schedule an on-demand car wash or mobile detailing service in the Pittsburgh area or to learn more, click here or call (412) 212-7172 – to speak to an expert.

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