Lexington, Kentucky – Besides being annoying comfort killers, mosquitoes pose serious health hazards by being vectors of up to 28 known mosquito-borne diseases. Studies reveal that the death prevalence resulting from these mosquito-borne diseases far exceeds any other known vector, making mosquito control an essential service. Sadly, with the numerous pest control companies out there, it can be challenging to identify one that will deliver the desired results without being costly. Mosquito Authority is a top-rated extermination company that takes all the guesswork of making such decisions out of the equation for residents living in and around Lexington, Kentucky. 

“We have used this service for three years now. Our yard stays mosquito-free. In three years, I have only had to call them back for a reapplication once, and that was because of a long rainy season. They were right out to fix the problem. They were very professional and communicated very well about when they were arriving. It is worth every penny to be able to stay out in our yard all summer,” commented one loyal client.

Mosquito Authority stands out from the rest for its focused attention on mosquito control instead of being a generalist pest extermination company like many others. Thanks to many years of experience providing this service in Lexington, the company has reduced mosquito control into a science that achieves predictable and verifiable results each time. Its employees employ a tried-and-tested, multi-step treatment process to disrupt the life cycle of mosquitoes, making their infestation impossible. Whether looking for residential or commercial mosquito control services, Lexington homeowners needn’t look any further than Mosquito Authority for fast, efficient, and affordable services.

Upon receiving a mosquito control Lexington KY service request, the exterminators from Mosquito Authority immediately dispatch to the client’s location to begin a thorough property inspection. During the inspection, they check the mosquito infestation levels and predisposing factors such as tall grass or stagnant water. Depending on their findings, the experts develop a tailored treatment plan to address all these issues, thereby ensuring that their clients’ properties are void of any annoying mosquitoes. Once done, they schedule a follow-up session (often within three weeks of the initial treatment) to check for any signs of mosquito re-infestation. 

Mosquito Authority’s superior pest extermination techniques target eliminating all mosquitoes from clients’ properties and keeping them out for as long as possible. To do this, the company exterminators schedule periodic re-treatment visits to keep mosquitoes at bay all year round. The best part about hiring them is that they don’t require any long-term commitments. Clients can cancel at any time for any reason, no questions asked, if they are ever dissatisfied with the services they receive. 

More information regarding the services offered by Mosquito Authority is available on its website. Potential clients can contact a company representative at (859) 757-2222 for any queries. The company is located at 2337 Sandersville Rd., Lexington, Kentucky, 77379, US. 

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