Melbourne, VIC: Melbourne Property Valuers Metro offers a wide range of services to clients interested in CGT determination, pre-purchase, and pre-sale valuations. Determining the house value is a complex and lengthy process; therefore, the company uses over 200 factors for accuracy. The certified valuers start the process by doing detailed research on the property market.

The valuers then write a detailed report based on the client’s purpose, such as a pre-sale valuation report for those selling houses and a Capital Gains Tax house valuation report for clients interested in knowing their tax obligation. Its senior team also has experts from different areas with a broader knowledge of the Melbourne property market.

In addition, the Melbourne property valuation company offers commercial property valuation to clients that want a detailed rent review, pre-purchase, or pre-sale advice. The commercial valuers also offer other related services such as correct calculation of capital gain liability, rent review, stamp duty, and law court property valuation in Melbourne. Like house valuation, the team compiles an accurate report, prepared with honesty and integrity. 

The company considers different factors in the valuation of property Melbourne to ensure the client gets accurate, honest, and dependable reports. For example, land details, town planning information, and building details are essential in all commercial reports regardless of what type of service the client needs. They also consider current market value, and market commentary,  considering the real estate market is ever-changing. 

For clients looking for property valuers near me in Melbourne to prepare a valuation report for residential property, the company has an experienced and licensed team of valuers. It is knowledgeable in preparing mortgage security, current fair market, land, pre-purchase, pre-sale, family law and mediation, stamp duty, internal accounting, capital gains tax, and deceased estate valuation reports. And for accuracy, the team uses a wide range of metrics such as council/zoning information, comparable local sales, and risk analysis. 

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro also offers its services to clients interested in hiring independent property valuers, and they offer the services without any hidden motives or biases. Besides preparing an accurate report, the team assists clients in avoiding common biases often experienced in the real estate market, such as bank representatives and real estate agents that may alter the property value for different reasons. So, working with Melbourne-based valuers is the first step to avoiding real estate manipulation and price inflations. 

Melbourne Property Valuers Metro is located at 614/20 Queen Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000. Clients interested in the valuation of properties in Melbourne can contact the team at (03) 9021 2007. Visit the website for more information. 

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Melbourne Property Valuers Metro
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John Anderson
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