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In response to the growing movement for Black Lives Matter, Los Angeles City College (LACC) has implemented several initiatives to meet its commitment to pursuing racial justice.

Over the past few months the college has supported and encouraged reflection across the LACC community.

During her fall 2020 convocation, President Mary Gallagher announced the creation of a new Center for Race, Justice and Social Justice at LACC.

After an inspiring and impressive speech by Special Guest Dr. Michael Eric Dyson ended the convocation with a call to LACC staff and faculty to sign an online proclamation for justice and social justice and a commitment to root out racism, bias and microaggressive behavior on campus.

"The entire LACC community is committed to better understanding how systemic racism can affect our campus and to ensure that we do everything we can to eradicate its impact on the future of our students, employees, faculties, alumni, and the world "said President Gallagher.

In addition, during the summer, LACC developed a number of new Black Lives town halls for faculty and staff. The highlight of the August 31st summer series was special guest Benjamin Crump, Esq., A nationally recognized civil rights attorney whose clients include the family of Trayvon Martin, Ahmad Aubrey, Michael Brown, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd and Jacob Blake.

Crump spoke about the current climate stemming from a history of systemic racism and more than 400 years of racial injustice. He also delivered a message of hope based on the historical strength of black Americans: “When I think of the black precedent I think about how much our people have overcome, and that tells me this is on the Our ancestors based precedent and no matter what they throw at us today, we will be able to overcome it. "

Crump also spoke about the importance of voting in our upcoming elections, a growing digital and economic divide between Americans, and the ongoing problems with a racist judicial system and police brutality.

"Our new initiatives will continue to provide support and resources to our community, including Black Lives Matter in critical discussions and decisions," added President Gallagher.

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