Lawyer Dmitry Gorin will moderate a talk with the Beverly Hills Bar Association on September 9th, 2020 on the need for law enforcement reform.

LOS ANGELES (PRWEB) September 06, 2020

Congress discussed federal police reform laws following high-level cases of police misconduct and subsequent civil unrest across the country.

Former Deputy District Attorney Dmitry Gorin will moderate a talk on the need for law enforcement reform.

Mr. Gorin has followed and defended numerous police officers cases in which the use of force has been questioned, claims of dishonesty have been made and which have been subject to the department's discipline.

Lawyer Gorin previously moderated a panel on these important issues. See video presentation here.

Speakers at the upcoming Beverly Hills Bar presentation will be diverse and will discuss how the court case deals with allegations of misconduct by law enforcement officers, the civil and criminal justice systems of law enforcement, and the need for law enforcement reform: See Zoom Webinar Registration Here.

A presentation is planned for September 9, 2020 to further address key issues related to improving law enforcement at national level:

  • What do police authorities need to do to reform the system?

  • What is the role of the police and why does misconduct occur?
  • How does the District Attorney make decisions about filing charges against the police?
  • How are the police trained to use violence and what are the psychological stressors?
  • What is reasonably necessary violence and how are officers trained in the use of force?
  • How do law enforcement agencies conduct additional training to impact perceived problems?

Education, police culture and police hiring practices are all factors that should be carefully examined in the reform debate.

An officer can make split-second decisions on the street to protect himself and the public. In hindsight, experts are expected to discuss how officers should be judged after incidents of violence if someone is injured.

In high-profile cases, police officers are often involved in internal affairs criminal investigations, federal criminal investigations, and civil claims.

If an officer's conduct results in injury or death, citizens seek prosecution.

However, given the high standard of "unequivocal" evidence, prosecutors often choose not to bring charges of "insufficient evidence".

An officer and his department can also be sued in a civil court, which has a lower burden of proof and can financially compensate the injured person or their family. This complex issue has given rise to the political challenges facing elected officials who choose not to be prosecuted.

Dmitry Gorin is a state-certified specialist in criminal law. He is a partner at Eisner Gorin LLP, a criminal defense law firm.

The law firm represents law enforcement officers who are under criminal investigation, as well as individuals and corporations alleged to have committed state and federal crimes.

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