Los Angeles County District Attorney's Husband Faces Charges For Pointing Gun at Protesters

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In March, a group of Black Lives Matter activists knocked on the door of Jackie Lacey's house to invite them to a community meeting. Her husband, David Lacey, is now charged with pulling a gun against the activists.

NBC News reports that David Lacey has been charged with three gun assaults by the California Attorney General. On March 2, just after 5:30 a.m., protesters knocked on Lacey's front door. David Lacey opened the door with his gun drawn and told the protesters, “I'll shoot you. I don't care who you are.” Melina Abdullah, professor of pan-African studies at California State University in Los Angeles and co-founder of Black Lives Matter- LA, tweeted a video of the exchange.

Abdullah told NBC News that the experience was "traumatic" and she wondered if "I will do this". She was surprised that the Attorney General had brought charges against David Lacey. “What happened was just so outrageous and so outrageous. Although we ask for justice, we do not expect justice. We have very little faith in the system, ”Abdullah told NBC. Jackie Lacey released a statement saying the experience "caused immense pain to my family".

“My husband feared for my safety after months of harassment and a death threat at least a week earlier. My husband felt in danger and acted out of sincere concern for our well-being, ”added Lacey.

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"At this point, we will not comment on the matter except to say that my client's human instinct is forever and always to protect his wife and family and protect them from physical harm," said Sam Tire, Lacey & # 39; s attorney wrote in a statement emailed to NBC.

Lacey becomes the county's first black woman to become a prosecutor. Activists criticized her kindness to law enforcement agencies and her record of failing to bring charges against officials were involved in deaths. Protests were held outside her home in March to demand her resignation.

She faces re-election this year and was unable to collect enough votes to avoid a runoff in November. Its challenger, former San Francisco District Attorney George Gascón, was a Los Angeles police commander who was instrumental in reforming the department in the wake of the United States Wall scandal of the late 90s.

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