Los Angeles capturing: 2 regulation enforcement officers hit in ambush and in addition ‘defending their lives’

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The sheriff MP's injuries were reported on the LA County Sheriffs Twitter account. It came around 9 p.m. in California after a gunman was filmed walking to a car and shot the two MPs. The department said the two, a man and a woman, were now in the hospital with injuries.

The account said on Twitter: "A male proxy and a female proxy were ambushed while sitting in their patrol car.

“Both suffered multiple gunshot wounds and are in critical condition.

“Both are currently being operated on. The suspect is still at large. "

They also posted a video of the attack and climbed on the gun and opened fire without warning or provoking

Update: the gun focused on MPs and opened fire without warning or provoking. pic.twitter.com/cBQjyKkoxJ

– LA County Sheriffs (@LASDHQ) September 13, 2020



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