LA Sheriff's Dept. Adds To List Of Black People Killed By Law Enforcement

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As protests continue across the country in response to the ongoing murder of black people by police officers, another such death in L.A. has instigated demonstrations in the South LA neighborhood of Westmont.

L.A. County Sheriff Brandon Dean said 29-year-old Dijon Kizzee was stopped on his bicycle by two Sheriff MPs for an alleged traffic violation. Dean says – and cell phone video confirms – that Kizzee ran away from the interaction.

MPs claim when they caught up with him, Kizzee hit one MP who then noticed a gun wrapped in a bundle of clothing that Kizzee had dropped. They said he "made a move towards the gun" and then they opened fire.

Demonstrators have been on site since Monday evening.

Read on to find out more about what's happening in LA todayAnd stay out there safe.

– – Jessica P. Ogilvie

Coming today September 2nd

Charlotta bass published an influential black newspaper, ran for Congress, helped found the Progressive Party, and spent most of her life fighting for social justice. LA is a contributor Hadley Meares has its story.

The past few days have been a much needed break from hot and smoky conditions, however Fire weather is coming back – and possibly even worse than the most recent event. KPCC science reporter Jacob Margolis will have more about the conditions that develop.

With a month to go until the end of the census, there are reports that the Trump administration will attempt to end the census early in some regions by September 18. California is loosening funds to reach hard-to-reach areas by the deadline. Caroline Champlin Reports.

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The last 24 hours in LA

Another deadly sheriff shoots: The Killing a black man Protests by two LA Sheriff's MPs in the South LA neighborhood of Westmont have raised questions about the decision to open fire.

California Kids: An injunction has been issued stopping all UC locations from Manage ACT or SAT tests under a test-optional policy. The Santa Monica Malibu Uniform School District fires dozens of employees in its early education and childcare programs. Some colleges in Southern California are Accommodation for thousands of students in dormitories, even when teaching online.

Money Matters: Los Angeles will spend $ 10 million on a legal protection fund Tenant before eviction due to COVID-19 and an invoice contain the flood of evictions was legally signed by Governor Gavin Newsom. The state parliament passed a law that exempts many freelancers. including writers and musicians, due to AB 5's controversial requirement that they be treated as employees.

Food: When restaurants and bars with kitchens can be reopened for outdoor service, Why can't breweries? City Bean Roasters paved the way for The current coffee scene in L.A.

That too: A guy with a jetpack flew over LAX on Sunday evening.

picture of the Day

Dijon Kizzee's aunt Sheila Jackson listens to speakers at a protest Tuesday against the death of her nephew by LA County Sheriff's Representatives.

(Chava Sanchez / LAist)

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