We all agree that health is wealth but there are some things that are more valuable than your well-being. Health is a condition of mind, body, and social well-being where infirmity and illness are absent. One’s health has great significance because it determines the quality of life you will lead. There are numerous aspects that contribute to our physical and mental well being which are determined by our health.

Health promotion is one of the major strategies of the medical community to promote better nutrition, physical activities, and preventative health practices for the general population. This includes promoting the eating of healthy foods, maintaining a healthy weight and ensuring regular exercise. Prevention is better than cure. Therefore, it is very important for everyone to practice good health promotion. By practicing good habits, individuals can help themselves and others.

The causes of poor physical health are usually due to an unhealthy lifestyle such as inactivity, smoking and high intake of alcohol. In addition, most instances of poor mental health conditions are due to environmental factors such as pollution and stress. Individuals who suffer from mental health conditions will most often have greater occurrences of depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder and other psychological disorders. It is very important to address environmental factors that promote poor health such as smoking, high levels of salt and fat and food that contains trans fat and sugar.

Individuals who lack physical health will be more susceptible to illness especially if they are elderly and may lead to complications such as infections and diseases associated with ill-health. The elderly are more likely to suffer from various physical illnesses and this may result in disability and even death. Some of these illnesses include Alzheimer’s disease, arthritis, stroke, diabetes, kidney disease, heart disease and various types of cancer. Mental health conditions can also lead to poor well-being because they can lead to depression, anxiety and various types of psychological disorders. As such, it is imperative that individuals gain a basic understanding of mental health conditions as well as the symptoms associated with them so that they can more easily identify and treat any illnesses they may be experiencing.

It is also important that individuals make healthy lifestyle choices in order to prevent or alleviate illness and to manage chronic diseases. These include maintaining a healthy weight, exercising regularly, consuming foods rich in fiber and staying away from dangerous sources of mercury, pesticides and chemicals. It is also important that individuals engage in stress management techniques such as yoga and meditation in order to reduce their daily stress level. Engaging in stress management techniques may help individuals cope with high levels of stress by reducing the perceived stressors in their lives. Engaging in stress management techniques may also help individuals to better cope with chronic diseases that are caused by unhealthy lifestyle choices.

It is important that individuals identify the gaps in their current life that may result in unhealthy lifestyles and consider how these gaps can be closed in order to gain a better understanding of their mental health and physical health. By making these lifestyle adjustments, it may be possible to improve health and decrease healthcare costs. In addition, these changes can make it easier for people to get and stay in good health. Finally, these changes can have positive long-term implications on one’s overall quality of life.

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