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In an academic version of the Rachel Dozezal controversy, the New York Times reports that George Washington University is investigating the bizarre case of George Washington associate professor Jessica A. Krug, who admitted it in a Medium post on Thursday despite publicly declaring Black Woman Identified She is indeed a white Jewish child from the Kansas City suburbs. Krug called himself a "culture leech" and announced that he would "cancel himself". The Chronicle of Higher Education states that some of the positions she secured in class were due to her alleged minority status.

The case sparked academic tensions over claims to minority status, including the controversy surrounding the longstanding claims of Senator Elizabeth Warren (D., Mass.), Who also taught in George Washington that she was a Native American. Most of our minority status designations are based on such self-identifications. The Census Bureau's approach is based solely on self-identification. Since 2000, people have been able to check multiple boxes for racial and ethnic groups. Brown University attracted attention for proposing a purely self-identification system for “people with color”.

Krug, 39, wrote a mid-size post entitled "The Truth and the Anti-Black Violence of My Lies". She revealed what she described as a life built on "napalm-poisonous ground of lies." This career includes various claims to minority status from African to Caribbean to Puerto Rican roots as well as bringing up a poor family in the projects. This background gave her more credibility in writing as a "historian of politics, ideas and cultural practices in Africa and the African diaspora".

Krug holds a Ph.D. and is the author of the book "Fleeting Modernity: Kisama and the Politics of Freedom" according to her GW faculty profile. She was also a Diversity Achievement Fellow at Portland State and an Advanced Opportunity Fellow at the University of Wisconsin at Madison.

She wrote: “Increasingly throughout my adult life, I have shunned my experience as a white Jewish child in suburban Kansas City under various presumed identities within a blackness I couldn't claim: first North African black, then US-rooted black Caribbean rooted bronx blackness. I built my life on a violent anti-black lie and lied in every breath I took. "

In a culturally ironic twist, she then declared that she would publicly pick herself up: "I'm a coward," she writes and then repeats. "You should definitely cancel me, and I definitely cancel myself."

In particular, she insisted that she wanted to be held accountable. It is legally unclear what such accountability might look like. Securing minority positions or benefits can be fraudulent, as in Wisconsin. However, the benefits (as discussed in the Warren controversy) may be less direct or easy to isolate for academics. As with "stolen valor" cases, the most common punishment is public discrimination and isolation.

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