Gori Law Firm celebrates anniversary, women-led leadership

The law firm Gori, which remains deeply committed to the community and is one of the largest employers in the region, celebrated its 12th anniversary this summer and the new women-led leadership of Beth Gori, main partner and owner, and Sara Salger, executive director Associate.

The Edwardsville-based company has seen significant growth over its 12 years of operation. The company is now one of the top asbestos claimants in the country and has expanded throughout the St. Louis area, as well as other markets such as Los Angeles, New Orleans, Orlando, Washington, DC and New York City. With nearly 200 employees, including 45 attorneys and approximately 150 support staff, the company has collected more than $ 3 billion in bills for customers across the country.

Beth Gori, main partner and owner of the company, led the practice in 2020 with a renewed commitment to the community and the many employees of the company.

"I am so proud to lead an organization like Gori Law Firm, which I believe has some of the best lawyers and people in our field," said Gori. “Like many companies in the region, we do everything we can to keep our employees busy. This includes taking advantage of the government funded PPP loan program that helped so many businesses during COVID-19, flexible working hours from home, flexible office hours, and shifting our practice to working with clients and courts when possible. We are just like any other company in that payroll is a large percentage of our expenses and many of our employees are irreplaceable. That's why we do everything we can to make the smartest decisions for the firm and our Gori Law family. COVID-19 has taken a heavy toll on the region in terms of unemployment, so we are grateful that we were able to keep all of our staff. "

The Gori law firm is now one of the leading asbestos claimants in the country. In addition to expanding its presence in the United States, the firm has expanded its practice over the years to include personal injury, commercial disputes, medical malpractice, pharmaceutical litigation, employee compensation and real estate law.

Sara Salger, one of the firm's first lawyers when it was founded in 2008, is now a managing partner.

"The atmosphere at the Gori law firm has always been focused on people," said Salger. “By hiring and retaining the best team, we have achieved success and results for our customers. People like to feel cared for and respected. As a team, we respect our customers, the struggle they are going through, and have the determination to give them the financial compensation they deserve for the challenges they face. "

The local Gori law firm is known for its generous community support and has returned more than $ 3 million to nearly 200 charities. "We are still committed to helping the local community and taking our role as corporate citizens seriously," added Salger. "We pride ourselves that our success leads to great generosity in the communities in which we serve."

Looking to the future, the company faces growth and success in the years to come. For more information on Gori Law Firm, please visit gorilaw.com.

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