Marketing refers to various activities that a business undertakes to advertise the sale or purchasing of a particular product or service to the consuming public. In present times, marketing is carried out through mass media, electronic and digital means and the World Wide Web. In the past, marketing was localized through publishing pamphlets and writing articles to disseminate information about products and services to the consuming public. Today, marketing is conducted through advertising in print media, television, radio and the Internet.

This fast fact of life has rendered traditional advertising techniques quite obsolete. Consequently, organisations have resorted to different methods of marketing such as, search engine optimization (SEO), online marketing through social media, email marketing, display advertising, banner advertisement, video marketing etc. Social media and digital technologies such as, Facebook, Twitter and Google+ have made marketing campaigns very interactive and lengthy, reaching the targeted audience in an effective and efficient manner.

However, no matter how dynamic and technologically advanced, marketing does not guarantee success. Any experienced marketing person will testify to this. Hence, the need for a marketing mix that can deliver desired results with minimum effort is increasingly common. So, what are the four Ps of a sound marketing strategy? These are the four Ps of a successful marketing mix.

A comprehensive internet marketing strategy should encompass an email marketing component. For example, you can use email marketing to send targeted leads to your website. An email marketing component can include sending out periodic newsletters to these leads in order to ensure that they remain interested in your offerings. Moreover, the frequency at which you send out newsletters will be based on the strategy adopted. For instance, if the strategy is primarily focused on email marketing, then the frequency of your newsletters will be more infrequent than if you were focusing your efforts on other forms of online marketing strategies.

Another fast fact about marketing is that it can also help you build a database of loyal customers. This database can help you expand your business efforts in a significant way. The database of customers can further be used to develop a better understanding of what problems your potential customers are facing. From this, you can develop solutions for these problems. Thus, from a simple cause marketing perspective, developing a large customer base is a key factor.

One other fast fact about marketing relates to the need for expansion of one’s marketing activities. Expansion of one’s marketing activities can allow you to increase one’s reach in a fast way. This strategy can also help you respond quickly to any new developments in the global economy. As a result, any development strategy adopted by you will have a stronger basis to support it. In summary, the four Ps of marketing refer to the development strategy adopted by the owner.

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