Former HCCA attorney facing criminal, civil cases

Seven minutes before the meeting started, Greene sent another email to Northcraft saying Wilbourne intended her resignation to take effect the next day at 8 a.m., meaning she is still a board member but not in is able to hold the meeting. With four active board members, the amount required for a quorum was reset to three board members present. Greene's attempt to illegitimate the August 23 meeting gave him time to send an "appraisal" to Celtic Leasing on August 28, 2017, confirming the district's sale-leaseback option for $ 3 million for district equipment is "valid and binding".

Teresa Jacques, the hospital district's interim inspector, filed a statement claiming the district paid BakerHostler $ 3.3 million for legal services between December 2, 2014 and September 26, 2017, when the law firm did announced that she was stepping down as an attorney, but no. The payments were made between April 14th and September 9th, 2017. According to court records, they amounted to $ 814,000. On September 10, 2017, BakerHostler received a check from HCCA for $ 500,000 indicating that it was an "HCCA Loan to TRMC to Cover TRMC Billing Fees."

The district civil lawsuit stated: “Greene and Baker's efforts to obstruct the seat of a properly elected official were clearly due to Baker coordinating with Benzeevi to sell district assets to partially pay Baker's offenders Legal fees. This could only be achieved if Benzeevi retained the power, under Resolution 852, to sell district assets without obtaining Board approval. Although Northcraft, Jamaica, and Gutierrez had already voted to repeal Resolution 852, Greene and Baker were dishonestly trying to create the appearance that Gutierrez was not a legitimate board member, causing Benzeevi to sell district assets and pay a portion of it without the board's approval the proceeds could go to Baker. "

In an email exchange on September 5, 2017, CFO Alan Germany Greene announced that the leaseback loan was financed by Celtic Leasing, but a possible loan from Leasing Innovations was not. Greene replies, “If Celtic has funded, I have to be paid today. I'm not waiting for financing from [Leasing Innovations]. This is critical and I was promised. "

Status of Greene

As part of the lawsuit, Lampe filed a complaint with the California State Bar on March 25, 2020, regarding Green's actions to deceive a board member, credit institutions and the court, undermine the electoral process and his refusal to provide customer records to hand over . Greene even went so far as to bill the district $ 24,815 for his time and the time of other BakerHostler attorneys to appear in court to defend himself two months after his dismissal by the district, the The list also included a complaint to the public prosecutor's office.

"Bruce Greene has served as legal advisor to both the district and the Benzeevi group and has committed several acts of deceit in order to fund himself, the Baker law firm and the Benzeevi group," the complaint read. "The district claims that these fraudulent acts involve moral rejection, dishonesty or corruption, which is prohibited by the Business and Professions Code §6106."

In 2019, Greene, who specializes in real estate law, was named Attorney of the Year for his Los Angeles office. One hundred and ninety-eight BakerHostler attorneys earned 336 rankings on the 2020 Best Lawyers List in America, made since 2018. From 2007 to 2012 Greene was awarded the Super Lawyer, a regional award given in Southern California.

At the time of going to press, Greene's status was listed as active on the status bar on the website. Teresa Ruano, spokeswoman for the California State Bar, the State Bar's power to suspend an attorney for criminal conduct, begins with a conviction. There is a section of the Business and Professions Code that allows the temporary suspension of an attorney who has been convicted of a crime that is either moral injustice or a criminal offense. Once the prosecution has secured certified records of a conviction, the conviction will be posted on the attorney's public profile and the agency's review department will decide whether to temporarily suspend the attorney. A provisional suspension lasts until the deadline for appealing the conviction has expired. Other disciplinary action can then be taken.

BakerHostler is one of the largest law firms in the country with nearly 1,000 attorneys in 17 offices in 10 states and in Washington, DC. Ironically, the firm has made headlines over the past decade for its work in recovering money stolen through corporate greed and white-collar crime. Two BakerHostler partners, Irving Picard and David Sheehan, have led the Madoff Recovery Initiative, which has reclaimed more than $ 13.3 billion from Bernie Madoff, the former investment advisor and financier who has served thousands of investors in Ponzi’s largest Program in US history has been stolen.

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