County resorts to 'harassing' of MacArthur's church: attorney

The Los Angeles borough, still at odds with Pastor John MacArthur and the Grace Community Church, has now taken action against land the church has leased from the county for decades and used as a parking lot.

"On Friday, Grace Community Church received a letter from the Los Angeles County Public Works Department saying they would suspend the lease the church has had with the county since 1975 for much of their parking lot "Lawyer Jenna Ellis tells OneNewsNow. Ellis is with the Thomas More Society, the law firm that represents Pastor MacArthur and Grace Community Church.

No reason was given for the suspension, according to Ellis.


"This land is kind of an embankment – it borders the church, is really unsuitable for any other use – and the church has been peacefully enjoying this lease with the county since 1975 (and) upgraded it for parking for their parish," continues Ellis away.

Los Angeles County has attempted an emergency shutdown several times to prevent MacArthur and the Church from holding services indoors.

The attorney claims that the county "is now apparently only harassing the church" by issuing a 30-day notice to stop using the car park or be evicted. "So this is just LA County's recent attempt to molest and shut down Grace Community Church," she added.

Meanwhile, Pastor MacArthur told The Todd Starnes Show that while this is not the Church's preference, if the county takes away parking, people attending services at Grace Community Church will park elsewhere in the neighborhood:

"… (T) here are some neighbors who don't want people to park in front of their houses, but they already do. We put up a tent that already takes up a large part of our parking lot, so we'll be the tent remove and park again – but yeah, people want to go to Grace Community Church. We wonder every Sunday where in the world do these people park? They drive for blocks and they still go to their cars. "

MacArthur went on to say that he does not know that anyone at Grace Community Church has or has had COVID-19. This is key because LA County and other parts of California do not want people to participate in indoor services as part of a declared effort to "fight the spread" of the coronavirus.


"We don't know anyone in our church who is sick," MacArthur told Starnes. "Nobody in our church I know was sick. Some people probably had it and didn't know; maybe some were tested and had no symptoms. But no, we didn't have anyone in the hospital."

A full hearing on the Grace Community Church's resumption of services is scheduled for Friday, September 4th. Pastor MacArthur had been conducting online-only services until this summer when he said people showed up unannounced and on a voluntary basis.

"You didn't buy the narrative (about COVID-19)," MacArthur told Todd Starnes and other radio or television presenters.

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