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* LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – Acknowledging the differences in the healthcare market for black communities across the country, distinguished lawyer, writer, and civil rights advocate Areva Martin has started Butterfly health, a behavioral health app designed specifically for underserved communities.

The consumer-based health app enables users to identify themselves and join multiple community groups that match their descriptors. Within these groups or "teams" as described in the app, users can connect with other people who may have similar feelings. Butterflly Health prompts users to check-in daily with the simple press of an in-app button, then creates a longitudinal assessment of the user's mental health and happiness. The app creates a soft entry point for people to better understand their sanity. Should their journey reveal deeper problems, they can easily connect with specialists who develop practices to help them overcome their challenges.

To combat the stigmas associated with mental health in black communities, as well as the unique burden of the black community amid a global health pandemic and the dire consequences of ongoing systemic racism, the Butterflly Health app provides access to care and attention for mental health through an easy-to-use app made by and for blacks.

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Butterfly health

After spending her career fighting for social and civil justice for minorities and underrepresented groups, the transition to tech CEO for Areva felt like a natural transition. Areva is a renowned civil rights attorney and legal analyst at CNN. She has built her career as a representative and service provider for black Americans. Areva and her brother Rodney Bell took a closer look at the recent psychological distress facing Black Americans and figured out a way people can assess their mental health through a community-centered application specifically tailored for the underserved.

Butterfly Health is part of Startup Health's investment portfolio, along with over 335 digital health companies in 26 countries covering a variety of areas of focus. The new app recently secured early-stage capital from Nex Cubed, an investment partner specializing in technology companies.

Areva Martin is an award-winning attorney, best-selling author, legal commentator, talk show host, and television producer who positioned herself as a critical voice for social justice and used her razor-sharp perspective to become America's attorney. Her three-week talk show, The Special Report, delves into the country's topical issues relating to social justice, civil liberties, and the White House, and invites notable guests for comment and one-on-one interviews.

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