LOUISVILLE, Ky. Kentucky's attorney general, who was under increasing pressure to indict the police who fatally shot Breonna Taylor, met with the family Wednesday morning, his office said, which released few details.

Attorney General Daniel Cameron met with Taylor's mother Tamika Palmer and other family members "to personally express condolences", according to a press release. The statement did not provide further details of the meeting, which was held at a state office in Louisville, but added that the investigation into the shooting is ongoing.

Cameron "seemed sincere and sincere, which I appreciated," Palmer told the news media in a written statement, adding that the attorney general was the one who requested the meeting.

"We all deserve to know the whole truth about what happened to my daughter," said Palmer. "The attorney general has made a commitment to tell us the truth. We will keep him to that commitment."

Commenting on the results of the investigation, Palmer said Cameron "did not say which way he was pointing and I could be wrong, but after meeting him today I am more confident that the truth will come out and that justice will be served". . "

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Taylor, a 26-year-old paramedic, was murdered by Louisville police on March 13 when she was issuing a narcotics search warrant in her home. They did not find any drugs in their home. An officer was shot dead by her boyfriend during the robbery, who said he believed he was defending himself against a home invasion.

Cameron, the state's first African-American attorney general, took on the case after the local prosecutor pulled out. He has seen increasing pressure from demonstrators in recent weeks. Dozens of activists who went to his Louisville home were arrested after failing to leave his court. In late July, an armed militia marched downtown and asked Cameron to make his decision within a month.

Taylor's family and high profile celebrities – from LeBron James to Oprah Winfrey – have charged three police officers who were with her home with her murder.

Cameron asked everyone to be patient during the investigation. Earlier this month he said he was awaiting ballistic tests from the FBI.

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