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Black Lives Matter-LA and Build Power are calling on the community to vote “yes” to Bill SB-731, the Kenneth Ross Jr. Decertification Act of 2020

Melina Abdullah, Co-Founder of Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles (Courtesy photo)

A coalition of community leaders from Black Lives Matter-Los Angeles and Build Power (BLD PRW) held a lively press conference opposite the Hall of Justice Building. Protesters and community leaders gathered to demonstrate their strong demand that California law pass Law SB-731, the 2020 Kenneth Ross Jr. Decertification Act.

April 11, 2018 – Kenneth Ross Jr., 25 years old, was shot dead by Gardena police. Officer Michael Robbins aimed an AR-15 assault rifle at Ross, which killed Ross almost instantly. Police claim Ross has a firearm. However, the police body camera footage uploaded online reveals that Ross was unarmed and posed no significant threat. Despite the death, the prosecutor has decided not to prosecute Officer Robbins for Ross' death, in which Robbins is still employed with law enforcement today.

Fouzia Almarou, the mother of Kenneth Ross Jr. (Courtesy photo)

Fouzia Almarou, the mother of Kenneth Ross Jr., expressed her heartfelt feelings during the BLM meeting. She shared her grief with many other mothers and fathers of police violence victims and showed a strong dislike for the injustice her sons and daughters faced. The families of John Horton, Christopher Deandre Mitchell, Eric Rivera, Jesse Romero, Anthony Vargas, Brandon Glenn, Daniel Hernandez, Mely Corado, and Vanessa Marquez made emotionally charged speeches. All of the names mentioned above were tragically killed by the police.

Almarou exclaimed to the crowd in the last moments of her son's life, "What has my son done? Nothing but mind his damn business!" A disturbance in the neighborhood called. He was in Rowley Park running for his life. When he ran he knew they wanted to kill him because this has been going on since 1619. "Almarou concluded her speech with," We must stick together, everyone Breeds need to stick together and get rid of those white supremacist cops and get Jackie Lacey out of here!

: Fouzia Almarou with Kenneth Ross Jr. on graduation day. (Courtesy photo)

District Attorney Jackie Lacey and her office have received a public backlash for refusing to prosecute Officer Robbins. as well as countless lists of police officers who allegedly killed over 600 residents in Los Angeles County. Valerie Rivera, the mother of Eric Rivera, 20 years old, was shot dead by Los Angeles police in 2018 for carrying a toy gun. Rivera stated, “There are thousands of homicide cops on these streets because Jackie Lacey allows them to murder and get away with it! "

In a recent interview with Melina Abdullah, the co-founder of BLM-Los Angeles. Abdullah stressed the importance of Law SB-731, the Kenneth Ross Jr. Desertification Act of 2020. She stated, “This law will give us a mechanism to take away the badges of the police who have abused our parishioners. If we had that in 2018, Michael Robbins wouldn't have a badge to use to kill Kenneth Ross for having already shot three other people. We want to make sure there is a way to get around these prosecutors who are in bed with the police. The least we can do is fire the officers who killed our people. "

Kenneth Ross Jr. and his newborn son. (Courtesy photo)

The day of the press conference was gloomy but also celebratory as the SB-731 bill was passed by the committee on that day. In the next two weeks, however, the state parliament will debate and come to a vote in which it will be decided whether the bill will go to the governor for approval. According to BLM-Los Angeles Co-Founder Abdullah, "(the governor) has already assured us that he will sign it and so it will become law."

The press conference ended with supporters pulling out their devices to dial (916) 319-2063. This is the phone line for the Californian Congregation Speaker, Anthony Rendon. Supporters were instructed to call that number and "tell Senator Rendon to take bill SB-731 forward and keep pushing this bill."

Valerie Rivera wants justice for her son Eric Rivera! (Courtesy photo)

It is important to realize the power within you and the power of a united person. A force that can put pressure on change. The BLM movement is now forcing mandatory changes at the legal level to implement more impartiality laws. Bill SB-731 is an important law that holds law enforcement officers accountable for their actions in the service, whether just or unjust. Hence, the struggle continues for those who are no longer with us and for those remaining family members in desperate need of justice. Whether it is a vote, sending an email, writing a letter or calling the number listed above; Let your voice be heard.

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