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It is no longer possible to file a late FBAR with a modified tax return and hope that the disclosure provided will go unnoticed. The IRS aggressively seeks and attacks those who have not reported foreign income. Taxpayers need an aggressive and knowledgeable tax attorney who will fight back and protect their interests.

Victor A Latham's law firm at Legal Tax Defense, Inc. has assisted clients with complex tax issues for 22 years. His experience and formal legal training with a world class international law firm make him uniquely qualified to handle and solve all kinds of complex and intricate tax problems.

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"Anyone filing late FBARs for the income they reported on tax returns should act quickly to file them and avoid substantial penalties," suggested Victor Latham, tax attorney with Legal Tax Defense. Complying with the FBAR is important, even if they are up to date and paying taxes on overseas income. In that case they should Not File under the IRS Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program or they may be charged with higher penalties. Contact any of the Legal Tax Defense attorneys for instant help.

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If an individual or business owner has overseas accounts worth $ 10,000 or more, they must file a overseas bank and financial accounts report called an FBAR. If you haven't filed this report in the past few years, as many Americans have, you should seek help from a Legal Tax Defense attorney as soon as possible.

The Offshore Voluntary Disclosure Program enables taxpayers to comply with reporting requirements without criminal prosecution. They will be punished. With persistent and dedicated legal representation from the firm, you can avoid potentially serious consequences. The sooner they act to remedy violations, the better the outcome and the sooner they can be reassured.

Contact an Orange County attorney at Legal Tax Defense as soon as possible to resolve any FBAR compliance issues.

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