Vista Metropolis Legal professional and James Buss donate to Trump marketing campaign

Vista City Attorney and James Buss donate to Trump campaign

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Oceanside's James Buss, son of the late Los Angeles Lakers owner Jerry Buss (top) and partner in the team, donated $ 250 for this year's Trump cause.

Oceanside Laker Trump supporter

The COVID-19 pandemic may have reduced the number of San Diegans donations that support the reelection of the president Donald TrumpBut the money continues to flow. Prominent contributors include Vista City lawyers, according to new documents from the Federal Election Commission Darold PieperIn November 2018, he was at the center of a marijuana hatch in the city where the prosecutor accused a pro-cannabis group of not revealing the sponsor of her mailer. There was also Oceanside for this year's Trump thing James Buss, Son of the late owner of the Los Angeles Lakers Jerry Buss and partner of the team. According to the federal government, James Buss, who raised $ 250 on May 28, is currently the department head at Lakers. According to a UPI account in October this year, he was sued in 1984 for fraud and check checks. Three years ago, siblings deprived him of power over the team Jeannie Buss in a family coup that gave her control of the Lakers, as reported by USA Today in February 2017. "She told about all the mistakes her brother, partner and former front office manager Jim Buss and long-time general manager had made Mitch Kupchak had done and wondered why her patience hadn't paid off in them, she was more and more willing to do that, ”the report said.

"The message is clear here: don't underestimate Jeanie Buss." Adam Streisand, her lawyer, told the LA Times in March 2017. "There will be no (further) palace coup. Not now. No way."

City Attorney Darold Pieper donated $ 1,000 for President Trump's re-election campaign.

After Trump questioned the intelligence of Lakers Star Lebron James In a tweet from August 2018, Jeannie came to the player's defense and wrote: "We couldn't be more proud to have LeBron James as part of our Lakers family." According to federal records, she gave Act Blue, a democratic online fundraising site, $ 270 in February last year.

Jerry Buss, who died of 80 cancers in February 2013, was a long-time resident of Rancho Santa Fe. He became a notorious womanizer in May 2007 at the age of 74 due to drunk driving when he drove through Carlsbad in his golden Mercedes-Benz E320 with 23-year-old Jeannana Flores from New York City after midnight, according to a report by the LA Times of the day ambushed.

The Lakers are now partially owned by the L.A. billionaire Patrick Soon-Shiong, Holder of the Times and the San Diego Union-Tribune, who rarely report on the inner acts of Lakers possession.

Nathan's Gaslamp Security Field

It was a flood of mixed messages from local politicians who wanted to keep up with the ever-changing COVID-19 pandemic, especially for the Democratic District Leader Nathan Fletcher and San Diego Mayor Kevin Faulconer. The Gaslamp Quarter's "busy cleaning teams commit to washing all sidewalks and patios under pressure every week, the restaurants commit to provide responsible dining services, and the hotels commit to keeping guests safe and comfortable, and to retailers." are committed to protecting customers while shopping, ”said Fletcher in a June 26 video for the Gaslamp Quarter Association. He strolled down a Gaslamp sidewalk while praising the area's alleged security, with scenes of guards spraying sidewalks and waitresses taking safety vows. A separate video with the same screenplay showed the Republican Mayor of San Diego Kevin Faulconer. The hammer fell four days later. Bars not serving food were ordered by the county to close, and restaurants of all kinds were hit with a curfew of 10 p.m.

Nathan Fletcher wants you to feel safe in the gas lamp when you eat and drink.

Ethical firewall

Jill Galvez, a member of Chula Vista City Council elected last year, was prevented by a lawyer from the State Commission for Fair Political Practices from voting on a Bank of America-funded proposal to buy fire engines. Her husband is a senior vice president at BofA subsidiary Merrill Lynch and owns BofA shares. "The city of Chula Vista wants to buy an air duct fire truck and an engine / pump fire truck, which cost $ 2,273,805.23," a letter to the Chula Vista City attorney on June 25 said Glen Googins by the General Counsel of the Commission Dave Bainbridge. "To fund the purchase of the two fire engines, Chula Vista is seeking a lease with the Bank of America Corporation with a written interest rate and a term lock of up to $ 2,400,000 at an interest rate of 1.39% and a five-year term . " Although "Mr. Galvez owns less than 3 percent of Bank of America shares and is neither a manager nor director of Bank of America. His wife still has a "distant" interest in the company and cannot play a role in the business. "Since she is also excluded from participating in the law decision, she must follow the rejection requirements … including the further requirement that Councilor Galvez must re-use himself and leave the room after identifying her economic interests."

Galvez caused controversy this April when she accidentally emailed her contact list of home addresses and private notes to 940 people and asked the U-T not to report the violation.


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