Two Suspects Arrested For Arson and Looting Throughout Latest Protests – NBC Los Angeles

Two Suspects Arrested For Arson and Looting During Recent Protests – NBC Los Angeles

Two men were arrested on Thursday for allegedly lighting a store in the Hollywood area and looting items during the recent protests, police said.

Mario Alvarado (43) and Julian Mejia (34) were taken into custody by members of the Multi-Agency Task Force SAFE LA on Thursday and, according to the Los Angeles Police Department, were booked on suspicion of arson and looting.

The police had released security images of the suspects, who were searched for the crime on May 30.


The police distributed security camera photos of the suspects to Safe LA Tips.

"The suspects pictured entered a restaurant in the Hollywood area," said a LAPD statement. "A suspect used accelerators to light a fire inside the village. After the fire started, the suspects looted several bottles of alcohol and ransacked items from neighboring companies."

The SAFE LA Task Force was founded in June and included a website – – on which the authorities published security images of suspects they were looking for, and on which tipsters could display the images and provide information to solve the crimes.

"The intended purpose of the SAFE LA Task Force is to investigate serious crimes during the Los Angeles protests and demonstrations that started on May 29," a LAPD statement said.

The task force is comprised of LAPD, FBI, Los Angeles Fire Department, Los Angeles Prosecutor, Los Angeles District Attorney and U.S. Attorney General, as well as the Beverly Hills, Santa Monica, and Torrance Police Department.

In the investigation that led to Thursday's arrests, the authorities received a notice from the SAFELATIPS website that ultimately identified the suspects who were arrested in their homes.

Tipsters who provide credible information for serious crimes during the civil unrest in SAFE LA that result in arrest can receive a cash reward.

The police asked tipsters to go to for more information. If you want to remain anonymous, you should call 213-486-6840.

Tippers can also send an online tip, a video or pictures to


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