Turley To Testify Earlier than The Presidential Fee on Legislation Enforcement and the Administration of Justice – JONATHAN TURLEY

    Federal Court Rules Against Trump Administration On The “Third-Country Asylum” Rule – JONATHAN TURLEY

    Today I will testify to the Presidential Commission for Law Enforcement and Judicial Administration about the legal and political implications of biometric and facial recognition technology. I have an upcoming article on privacy verification in the biometric age. Much of my certificate will focus on this research. The certificate is public and takes place at 2 p.m. ET. This will be the last meeting of the Commission and, due to the pandemic, will be handled by phone rather than after the planned high point in Tampa, Florida.

    The Commission was established under Regulation No. 13896, signed by President Trump, to explore ways to modernize and improve law enforcement in the United States. Topics for the Commission include some of the main issues that are being discussed today in recent protests against the integration of social services to reduce police burdens and better reach the public.

    My panel will be preceded by the hearing by former Attorney General of the United States and United States Judge Michael Mukasey.

    Below is my testimony.

    Turley.Final Testimony.Presidential Commission

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