Trump’s Delay Strikes Over Taxes Harms Probe of Others – NBC Los Angeles

Trump’s Delay Moves Over Taxes Harms Probe of Others – NBC Los Angeles

President Donald Trump's efforts to prevent his personal and corporate taxes from being released to a New York state grand jury jeopardize the criminal investigation of other people and organizations and could "kill this case," a lawyer told a judge Thursday he urged quick action.

"It's not just about the president," attorney Carey Dunne said of an investigation by Manhattan District Attorney Cyrus Vance Jr. a week after the US Supreme Court ruled in favor of Vance. "There are other people and organizations that … could end up over the law due to this delay."

Trump's lawyer, William S. Consovoy, said the president believed there were strong arguments for the subpoena not to be “properly tailored” and instead copied verbatim portions of the congressional subpoenas.

"We remain deeply skeptical that a subpoena from New York County happens to be of exactly the same size and type as two separate congressional exams that focus on federal issues," he said.

And he said Trump could still make claims that the subpoena reflected "evil will and harassment" a year after US District Judge Victor Marrero rejected these arguments.

At the end of the hearing on Thursday, Marrero said that he would adhere to a mutually agreed schedule, according to which written submissions should be completed by mid-August.

He was also interested in quickly clarifying Trump's demands, and found that lawyers had submitted their arguments within six days last year.

Part of Vance's investigation concerns payments Trump's then personal lawyer arranged during the 2016 presidential competition to prevent porn actress Stormy Daniels and model Karen McDougal from making extramarital claims with Trump. Trump has denied the affairs.

Vance, a Democrat, has requested eight years of the Republican President's personal and corporate tax records.

Last week, the Supreme Court dismissed Trump's lawyers and Department of Justice arguments that the president cannot be examined during his tenure or that a prosecutor needs to prove a greater need than normal to receive the tax documents.

The Supreme Court returned the battle for the subpoena to Marrero, saying Trump's lawyers could still challenge him in the same way as anyone served on a subpoena.

Consovoy suggested that the President believe that the new review cannot be resolved quickly by the lower courts.

He said "further investigation and review will certainly be necessary" before Trump decides exactly why the subpoena should be challenged.

For example, he said that a decision still had to be made as to whether to appeal the summons on the grounds that it was retaliation or that the president had been targeted for political reasons.

However, Dunne said that a delay was unnecessary as there was nothing new a year ago.

"What the president’s lawyers are looking for here is delay. I think that’s the whole strategy here. Every day that the president goes by wins the kind of absolute temporary immunity that he has sought in this case, despite the fact that he demands it before every court she heard, including the Supreme Court, "he added.

Given the upcoming statute of limitations, he asked the judge "not to delay this case".

"Prevent the possibility of the belated judicial system becoming a denied judiciary," added Dunne.


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