Trump Tells Choose He Will Battle NYC Taxes Subpoena After SCOTUS Ruling – NBC Los Angeles

Trump Tells Judge He Will Fight NYC Taxes Subpoena After SCOTUS Ruling – NBC Los Angeles

President Donald Trump's lawyers informed a district judge that they intend to continue fighting a subpoena from the New York Grand Jury for his tax returns after the U.S. Supreme Court ruled that he was not immune to an investigation.

The Supreme Court upheld the legality of the subpoenas, but returned the cases to the lower court to determine if Trump could limit the scope.

The records the Manhattan District Attorney, Cy Vance Jr., is looking for are part of a larger investigation, which includes payments made to buy the silence of two women, pornstar Stormy Daniels and model Karen McDougal, who allege Having had extramarital relationships with the president before the president. Presidential election in 2016. Trump has denied her allegations.

In a new trial on Wednesday, Trump's lawyers said the president was going to argue that the subpoena was too high, "motivated by the desire to harass", and "designed to manipulate or oppose [his] political decisions ] to avenge official acts. "They also write that they need to know more about the" nature and scope "of the investigation so that they can judge whether the grand jury needs everything it requests or whether" it was maliciously issued ". .

Trump's lawyers asked the judge for a July 27 deadline to file their first appeal against the subpoena and final legal documents from both sides, which are due by August 14.

Vance said Trump could only oppose the subpoena for the same reasons that everyone else would claim that he was entitled to special consideration because he was the president. Regarding his potential claims, Vance said the judge had already ruled that there was no "bad will" or attempted harassment and that compliance with the subpoena would not significantly affect his ability to perform his official duties. He also said it would be "highly irregular and inappropriate" if the president's lawyers asked why the grand jury wanted the materials.

"If the president has anything else to say," Vance told the court, he should do it "with all due haste."

NBC News' Pete Williams contributed to this story. Check for updates again.


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