Three Charged for Looting Throughout Santa Monica Protests – NBC Los Angeles

West Hills Man Arrested for Alleged Arson During Civil Unrest in Santa Monica – NBC Los Angeles

Three crimes were charged on Monday with three 18-year-old defendants accused of looting, break-ins and arson crimes in Santa Monica on May 31. This happened as part of a large demonstration that resulted from the murder of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Gisselle Alexis Pinto, Mynor Alexander Pinto, and Micah Amadeus Tillmon were arrested on July 1 by police and agents from the Santa Monica Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives Agency, who had issued warrants and warrants in West Hills and Chatsworth.

The Pintos are expected to be indicted in the airport court sometime this afternoon.

They are each subject to four pillages during an emergency or evacuation: second degree burglary and four separate cases of commercial second degree burglary involving the Sake House restaurant and the Brandy Melville, REI, and Patagonia shops.

Gisselle is also charged for two additional cases of looting during an emergency or evacuation: second degree burglary and commercial second degree burglary due to losses in the Magicopolis and Vons stores.

Tillmon is charged with five charges in the Los Angeles District Attorney's complaint of looting and commercial burglary.

Santa Monica police say the three stole clothing, computers, backpacks, a bike, and groceries, while Tillmon is also accused of setting fire to the sake house on the corner of Santa Monica and Fourth Streets.

Tillmon, who is only being prosecuted in a federal court, was arrested last week and is facing arson, which provides for a mandatory minimum five-year sentence in federal prison and a maximum of 20 years if convicted.

According to the affidavit in support of the federal complaint against Tillmon, the security video from the restaurant shows how Tillmon "removes a red tubular object from his jacket that he placed behind the restaurant's reception area before leaving. Within seconds of this action, smoke and fire appeared from the area. & # 39; & # 39;

Investigators at the Santa Monica Fire Department found that the fire was caused by the item that Tillmon was said to have placed in the restaurant. He was identified by Santa Monica police officers who checked numerous security videos and social media posts.

Tillmon was also connected to the fire when investigators discovered a video in which his white Ford Explorer was parked next to the sake house four minutes before the fire started, and which, according to an affidavit, reversed across the street shortly after the fire started .

The same video reportedly shows the Explorer parking about 500 feet from the sake house and Tillmon getting out of the vehicle and looting a nearby store, the U.S. Attorney General said.


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