Steve Susman: 1941-2020 – Lawdragon

Steve Susman: 1941-2020 - Lawdragon

Stephen D. Susman, founder of Susman Godfrey, died on Tuesday July 14th at the age of 79. His irrepressible journey was greater than life in every way. 19, which he contracted at his hometown Houston hospital.

Perhaps more than any other lawyer, he defined the past 50 years of legal practice in the United States, starting with his legal clerkship at the US Supreme Court, Hugo Black. Susman broke every rule and built a new kind of legal practice – that bet everything and won big. He founded his law firm in 1980 after becoming the first Jewish partner at Fulbright & Jaworski, followed by teaching at the University of Texas Law School.

His company soared and is considered the best plaintiff's financial firm in the United States. She hired more clerks than anyone else per capita and won billions for her clients. His victories in cases from Texas Instruments to Corrugated Containers and Frank McCourt were almost as legendary as his evil personality.

He is survived by his wife Ellen, children Harry and Stacy Susman Kuhn. His first wife Karen died in 1997.

Rest in peace Steve.


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