Sources – NBC Los Angeles

Sources – NBC Los Angeles

Detectives are looking for the person who beheaded and dismembered a technology entrepreneur in his luxury New York City apartment, law enforcement officials told News 4 New York.

According to sources, Fahim Saleh's body was discovered by his sister, who came to his apartment on the Lower East Side on Tuesday afternoon to check on him. Police sources familiar with the investigation say he was last seen alive on Monday afternoon; A close friend told News 4 that she had seen him over the weekend.

Surveillance footage showed Saleh boarding the elevator in his building on East Houston Street, followed by a suspect in dark clothes. The 33-year-old entrepreneur was attacked as soon as he got out on the seventh floor, which according to sources opened directly into his unit.

His body was only discovered the next day when the sister looked after him. She or another relative, named 911, told the operators that the man's head, arms and legs had been cut off and body parts found in pockets. An electric saw was near the body, but there wasn't much blood at the scene. It was still plugged in. Investigators believe the sister's welfare check interrupted the dismemberment and the suspect slipped out of the office.

A senior NYPD official who led the investigation confirmed NBC New York on Wednesday that the motive appeared to be financial, the result of bad business.

Saleh's close friend, who did not want to be identified, described him as a positive person who always saw the glass half full. Friends called him "Elon Musk of Developing Countries" for his work of bringing an Uber-like startup to Nigeria.

"I've never met anyone like him in terms of his energy. He's always on the go," she told NBC New York. At first, she thought his death was a prank after Saleh's sister and best friend called to let them know about his death.

"One of the neighbors heard screams and very loud noises. I don't know why the neighbors didn't call the police," she said.

Gokada, the Saleh-founded company where he served as CEO, tweeted a statement on Wednesday saying they were sad about "the tragic loss of our founder and CEO Fahim Saleh. Fahim was a great leader, inspiration and positive Light for all of us. ""

No arrests were made in the case. Descriptions or pictures of the suspect were also not published.

The police were spotted searching the area on Tuesday evening and the chief of the detectives was spotted at the scene. They say Saleh owned a dog, but the dog was not injured.

Correction: Saleh's last name was previously misspelled in the previous version of this story.


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