SoCal Hair Stylists Petition Gov. Newsom To Function Outside – CBS Los Angeles

SoCal Hair Stylists Petition Gov. Newsom To Operate Outdoors – CBS Los Angeles

SANTA MONICA (CBSLA) – Ben Daidone has been a salon owner for years. He recently moved his salon to a larger room in Santa Monica to serve his growing clientele and employees.

When the pandemic closed his salon, he said he could somehow stay afloat. Now that the salons have been instructed to close their doors again, he's not sure if his business can do it much longer.

"It is an enormous emergency for everyone involved," he said. "We're actually trying to build and going backwards."

According to the law, California salons are to be operated indoors. Daidone and other fellow hairdressers, however, are asking the state for a special permit to move outdoors to remain open in the face of increasing restrictions.

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"It would bring food to the table for many of us hairdressers," he said.

A retail group representing barbershops, hair salons, and nail salons sent an urgent call to Governor Newsom on Thursday, co-signed by Fresno MP Jim Patterson, who called for the rules to be changed.

"Our main goal is to resume our salon business," said Fred Jones, a lawyer who represents the stylists. "In the meantime, can we be treated at least at the same level (as) with other non-essential industries?"

Jones cited as an example restaurants that move their businesses outside, as many tables move to parking lots and sidewalks to serve guests.

"Allow us the same privilege, Governor Newsom," said Jones.


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