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With the COVID-19 pandemic continuing to worsen in some parts of the country, you are undoubtedly faced with uncertainty about how and when to reopen your law firm. You may also be wondering about the future of your law firm and your ledger.

One way to address these concerns is to prepare your business for whatever comes first.

Future-proof for your company

Before COVID-19, you may have thought that this type of disaster was unlikely to happen to your law firm. But now that we are in the middle of an unprecedented pandemic, are you really ready to take this opportunity again?

After all, the course of the pandemic is initially unclear, and other disasters like fires are not as rare as you might think. A typical example: A fire that broke out a few years ago in a high-rise building in downtown Buffalo, New York.

Do you have a disaster plan

The fire started on the 15th floor, where there was a law firm. According to news of the fire, confidential customer files were scattered on the street below due to the fire itself and the efforts of the firefighters to extinguish the fire:

"According to the Buffalo Fire Commissioner, a number of legal acts, some of which may contain private information, fly through the streets of Buffalo after a fire broke out on the 15th floor of the Main Place Tower in Buffalo … The documents are all old files from closed Cases that may contain confidential information that many clients (the law firm) may not want to see. "

If the company had moved to a paperless practice prior to the fire, the fire would have damaged equipment and office supplies, but customer confidentiality would not have been compromised and the company would never have lost access to the destroyed files.

Create a business continuity plan

The aftermath of this fire is an excellent example of one of the most useful advantages of business continuity planning: It enables your company to start up quickly and easily, regardless of the type of unexpected fault.

To protect your law firm from disruption and ensure business continuity regardless of the circumstances, consider MyCase, a cloud-based practice management software that law firms can use to centralize case details in the cloud.

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last update July 13, 2020.


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