Senior Lawyer Bradley D. Walker Joins Tinnelly Regulation Group

Senior Attorney Bradley D. Walker Joins Tinnelly Law Group

Bradley D. Walker, Esq.

Tinnelly Law Group, PC, one of California's leading HOA law firms, is proud to host Bradley D. Walker, Esq. to the company.

Mr. Walker has been a member of the California State Bar since 1982 and a member of the Wisconsin State Bar since 1981. He is a former president and former director of the Orange County Regional Chapter of the Community Associations Institute. He has lectured locally and nationally on behalf of the Community Associations Institute and the California Association of Community Managers. He is the author of numerous articles on homeowner associations and has worked at the California Bar Association's Faculty of California Continuing Education Programs on Community Association Law.

"Brad is a celebrated leader in our industry who has shaped the field of HOA law in countless positive ways for over three decades," said Steve Tinnelly, managing partner. "In addition to his remarkable accomplishments and experiences, he offers unique added value by serving as inspiration for those privileged to work with him. It is an honor to welcome Brad to our team and we look forward to to contribute to its continued success. ""

Since 1984, Mr. Walker has attended over 1,500 homeowner association meetings and represented his associations in all forms of alternative dispute resolution. In addition to his association clients, he represents individuals and companies in a variety of real estate and commercial affairs, and has testified as an expert on the association's practices and procedures.

He received Mr. Walker's preparatory training at the University of Wisconsin, where he graduated with honors in 1977 from the Bachelor of Science (BS). He received his legal education from Pepperdine University, where he graduated as Juris Doctor (JD), in 1981. He has been a lawyer in Orange County since 1982 and was Judge Pro Tem of the former Orange County District Court.

About the Tinnelly Law Group

Tinnelly Law Group, PC is recognized by the Community Association as one of California's best HOA law firms. Since the company was founded in 1989, 100% of its efforts have been directed towards representing HOAs and providing them with reasonable and cost-effective solutions to their various legal problems. It advises hundreds of HOAs across California on legal issues related to corporate governance, enforcement, maintenance, insurance, litigation and transaction matters. The Tinnelly Law Group recently launched FindHOALaw, a robust resource for HOA law and legal information. The extensive volume of content and the user-friendly interface help users to better understand the unique law on HOAs in California. Through its subsidiary Alterra Assessment Recovery, the Tinnelly Law Group also offers its customers access to comprehensive assessment services. The Tinnelly Law Group has offices in Orange County, San Diego, Riverside County, Los Angeles and the San Francisco Bay Area. Member of BIA, CAI and CACM.

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