Sean Monterrosa’s Household Fears Proof From His Killing was Destroyed – NBC Los Angeles

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Sean Monterrosa's sisters fear that officials have destroyed evidence after finding that the police and Vallejo lawyers have not kept any evidence of her brother's murder.

"Only when you think it's just terrible will it get worse," said Sister Ashley Monterrosa.

She and sister Michelle Monterrosa are angry, but not surprised that the city of Vallejo cannot provide decisive evidence that has been left over from the police gunman's fatal shot by her brother.

"We're angrier now, it was important evidence of Sean's murder," said Michelle.

Last week, Vallejo police released a body cam video of the shootout. It was controversial because the published video did not show what had happened before the fatal shooting. The body cam video was turned on after the officer shot Monterrosa.

"After watching the video last week, we wanted to make sure they understood that we expected them to get the truck that Tonn was shooting from and get the drone," said lawyer Melissa Nold.

In an email on Tuesday, the deputy prosecutor wrote that her office had checked with the police and had been told that the truck officers were present, repaired, and put back into service. The bullet-pierced windshield was replaced and taken away by the repair company.

"Now the evidence is gone forever," said Nold. "As soon as you put this truck back into operation, we will never know what it was like that night."

Jerry Threet is a police officer and former assistant city attorney in San Francisco. He worked in the United States Attorney's Office.

"If you are killed by a Vallejo police officer, you can expect a lawsuit to go ahead," he said. "That should instruct them to keep evidence, and the fact that the evidence was not noticed is really worrying."

NBC Bay Area contacted Vallejo's chief of police and the prosecutor's office for evidence of Monterrosa's murder, but has yet to receive a response.

"It is evidence that the police shouldn't examine themselves," Ashley said.

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