Safety Guard Charged With Homicide In Taking pictures Of Gardena Market Buyer Not Sporting A Masks – CBS Los Angeles

Security Guard Charged With Murder In Shooting Of Gardena Market Customer Not Wearing A Mask – CBS Los Angeles

GARDENA (CBSLA) – A security officer who, according to the authorities, shot a man after fighting for him without a mask, was charged with murder, according to the Los Angeles District Attorney General.

Umeir Hawkins (38) and his wife Sabrina Carter (50) from Los Angeles were arrested on Monday in connection with the murder of 50-year-old Jerry Lewis from Gardena. Lewis was pronounced dead on Sunday evening in a store on the 2300 block on Rosecrans Avenue.

Police say Hawkins was an employee of the store Lewis had visited while waiting for a tow truck. According to the prosecutor's office, Lewis had tried to enter the market without a mask and argued with Hawkins. Lewis left the shop, then returned and began to fight Hawkins physically.

Carter, who had been waiting in the parking lot for Lewis to finish the job, armed himself with a pistol and intervened in the fight by pointing it at Lewis and other customers, according to Gardena police. When Lewis walked from the store to his vehicle, the police said Hawkins took out a second gun and shot Lewis when he left.

According to prosecutors, both Hawkins and Carter were convicted of physical assault in 2013, which can result in serious bodily harm. Hawkins has been charged with murder, and both he and his wife are facing a count of a criminal's possession of a pistol.

Hawkins is held on a $ 1 million bail and faces a maximum sentence of 50 years in state prison. The bail was set at $ 35,000 for Carter, who is three years in prison if convicted.

The shootout is still under investigation and the police are still looking for witnesses and videos of the crime. Anyone with more information about the shootings can contact Detective Ryan Sproles at (310) 217-9618 or Detective Dolores Searle at (310) 217-9654.


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