RMO Founding Companion Scott Rahn Named a 2020 Prime Litigator by Los Angeles Enterprise Journal

Sklar Kirsh’s Justin Goldstein Once Again Named a Top Litigator by Los Angeles Business Journal

LOS ANGELES–(BUSINESS WIRE) – The Los Angeles Business Journal today released its annual 2020 Leaders of Influence: litigation and litigation list, which mentions RMO LLP founding and co-managing partner Scott Rahn. According to the publication, the list includes "some of the best litigation lawyers in the industry" and the lawyers in Los Angeles who "go on the proverbial mat to fight for judges and jurors for their clients".

"This recognition reflects our company's steadfast commitment to our customers and our community," said Rahn. "It is an honor to be one of these exceptional litigators."

Rahn has been recognized for his success in resolving litigation and disputes related to trusts, estates, and conservatories. He represents heirs, beneficiaries, trustees, executors, conservators and conservatives and uses his decades of experience to develop and implement successful strategies that address the financial problems, fiduciary duties and emotional complexities that underlie trust competitions, inheritance conflicts and conflicts quickly and cost-effectively Inheritance disputes.

The special report highlights Rahn's recent "petition to maintain the estate during Covid" to protect a customer's sister from fraudsters who had infiltrated, isolated, cheated, and overly affected her by over $ 2 million to send her destitute. "With the help of RMO and Scott Rahn, the client is now stable, secure and protected.

RMO LLP offers personal and cost-effective process services for individual and institutional customers. The firm's fiduciary and probate lawyers focus on disputes between beneficiaries, controversial inheritance rights, controversial creditor claims, breaches of fiduciary duty, will and trust competitions, capacity problems, claims to unauthorized influence, misuse of financial elders, controversial powers, contested transfers, fraudulent accounting, fraudulent accounting, Classification lawsuits, theft of trustees, securities and litigation. RMO has offices in Los Angeles, Orange County, San Diego and Kansas City. More information is available at https://rmolawyers.com/.


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