Richard Castillo’s Legal professional Particulars Shopper’s Beating by LAPD

Richard Castillo's Attorney Details Client's Beating by LAPD

BOYLE HEIGHTS, California – It was the video that shocked many in Los Angeles when a Los Angeles police officer hit a boyle heights man who was caught by a neighbor on camera. A LAPD body camera gives a better look at officer Frank Hernandez, who meets Richard Castillo on April 27.

Castillo's lawyer, Wesley Ouchi, visits the same place where the beatings took place and gathers information about what happened to someone he believed to be an innocent man.

What you need to know

  • The viral video shows LAPD officer Frank Hernandez beating Richard Castillo in Boyle Heights.
  • Hernandez has not pleaded guilty to indicting
  • Community activists have demanded that Hernandez be released
  • Point 4 goes here.

“Richard Castillo is a member of the Boyle Heights community. He is a lifelong resident. He was born in this special block and grew up there. Most of his life he lived in the white house that his family used to own, ”said Ouchi.

It was just a few steps from the house where the beatings took place, right next to a church. Castillo, now homeless, had a tent next door.

"He is very popular within this community, he is known, he has never had any problems," said Ouchi.

According to him, Officer Hernandez and another Officer Castillo approached for the first time and asked him to move.

"The officials came and believed that Mr. Castillo was entering this vacant lot that he had occupied without incident for years," added Ouchi.

"It was objectively unreasonable to attack Mr. Castillo as the officials did."

Many in the community agree – demonstrators even go straight to the police station to hear their voices.

"If they continue to attack us despite the pandemic, we will continue to come out to help the people who fall victim to them," said Sol Marquez of the Centro CSO community group.

The prosecutor charged Hernandez with assault, and even the Police Protection League described what was recorded on video as unacceptable.

But it is not enough for Ouchi. He wants an investigation from Hernandez’s partner, who was also on site.

"(You) failed to intervene and stop Officer Hernandez's attack."

Ouchi will continue to push for justice for his client Richard Castillo, whose memories of home are now changed forever. Frank Hernandez did not plead guilty to bodily harm.


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