Rep. Gohmert Checks Constructive for Virus, Cancels Trump Journey – NBC Los Angeles

Rep. Gohmert Tests Positive for Virus, Cancels Trump Trip – NBC Los Angeles

MP Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, tested positive for the corona virus on Wednesday, forcing him to abruptly cancel his plan to travel with President Donald Trump on Air Force One to his home state, a Republican house adviser said.

The 66-year-old Gohmert, one of the most conservative and outspoken members of the house, tested positive in the White House and, according to the adjutant, who was not authorized to publicly discuss Gohmert's test result, isolated on condition of anonymity.

Gohmert later shared a video on Twitter that he was asymptomatic and "reports of my death are very premature."

He said he was "very careful" not to pass the virus on to others.

Gohmert, an eight-year-old legislator, is often seen without a mask. He attended the hearing of the House Justice Committee on Tuesday, at which Attorney General William Barr testified. Before the hearing, Gohmert was seen approaching the meeting room a few yards behind Barr, with neither of the two men wearing a mask.

Barr is tested for the virus after contact with Gohmert, NBC News reported.

Gohmert also voted on Tuesday on the floor of the house.

He is at least the 10th member of Congress known to test positive for the coronavirus that can cause COVID-19.


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