Regulation & Order: Hate Crimes, New York Undercover: Peacock in Talks with Dick Wolf for Unique Collection

Law & Order: Hate Crimes, New York Undercover: Peacock in Talks with Dick Wolf for Original Series

Amy Roloff invited Zach and Tori Roloff to dinner this week.

Here you can see the guests in Amy's back yard:

"I was so excited to have @ zroloff07 and @toriroloff and kids with me – my family having a barbecue and just hanging out," Amy wrote as the caption for the Instagram photo above.

"It seems too long since I saw her. Wonderful visit Jackson is 3! He is such a boy full of adventure and Lilah is valuable.

"She will soon be on her own adventure (crawling). Chris did a great job grilling. I am grateful to have him in my life and glad that he enjoys hosting or having people as much as I do.

"Love my family."

As you can see here, Amy Jacob and his wife Isabel invited to dinner this summer.

She even hung around with daughter Molly in early June, although Molly lived in Spokane, Washington, about six hours away.

What is our point here? Why do we document the last times Roloff ate at her home with her children?

Because a child and his spouse are missing from this list, right?

Molly Roloff and mom

It's no wonder why Amy hasn't posted a picture of herself with Jacob and / or Audrey Roloff in over a year.

Don't you believe us Scroll through her Instagram account. Scroll down further. And then scroll further down.

You may need to take a toilet break before coming across photos of Amy with Jeremy.

To be clear, this cannot mean anything. It may not be a symbol of any kind of feud or rivalry at all.

At home with Chris

However, Audrey has come under a lot of fire lately.

Jacob completely destroyed his sister-in-law last month for her lame response to the George Floyd murder and the protests that followed across the country in response.

Jacob called out "white Christian voices" that only shared "empty gestures and fancy platitudes" on social media after the ongoing social unrest.

And it was impossible to assume that he was referring to Audrey there.

Audrey Roloff and children

Almost by chance, Tori then revealed that her daughter had never met Audrey's son – although both babies were born within six weeks of each other in November 2019 and January 2020, respectively.

And even though the children are cousins ​​and everything.

Fast forward to July 4th and Audrey and Jeremy have their own party.

They invited two of Zach and Tori's closest friends … but not Zach and Tori.

Either that, or Zach and Tori declined the invitation.

Check out the Roloffs!

As mentioned earlier, we don't really know what's going on with the Roloffs these days.

And it can be even more difficult to find out in the middle of a pandemic that different family members may choose to quarantine more extreme than others.

Except: Audrey and Jeremy cannot be added to this list.

They are clearly going out to a certain degree and are related to a certain degree with certain friends and relatives.

Just not with their own family members.

Roloffs on 4th

Take that for what you want.

But it seems plausible that Audrey's emphasis on her belief and the view of many that she is very hypocritical and rather pompous might finally come back to bite her.

Online in the eyes of strangers?

Yes, but maybe also in the eyes of their relatives.

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