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Rev. Dr. M W Eagle, Sr., Senior Pastor, Grant AME Church

Racism is an ugly word that most people don't like to talk about. However, there are traces of racism that are openly and covertly discovered and discovered in this country “tis of thee”. People startle when they hear the words racism, white domination and neo-Nazi. But for centuries, racism in this beloved “sweet land of freedom” has been hurtful, destructive and ignored.

Racism hid important cultural history for centuries; degraded cultural achievements, destroyed civilizations, separated mothers from both children and their companions! In addition, its effects have mocked, rebuked, and made people paint with themselves, rather than fighting and distrusting the devil themselves!

Racism can be seen in examples of the privilege of white men and in cases of injustice directed against colored people. However, our country declares: "All people are created equal and have certain inalienable rights."

Racism makes it appear that colored people do NOT have the right to adequate health care, housing or education! In addition, minorities have been passed on for promotions to less knowledgeable candidates in the past due to skin color, the tone of their voice, the way they wear their hair or spell their names!

Why are colored people forced to experience the gray area between life and death when interacting with certain law enforcement officers?

Why were black children bombed in churches? and Emmanuel 9 happened; Our ancestors have been beaten, shot and hanged by people hiding behind white sheets, and no loops are still found?

Why have colored people experienced an increase in homelessness, masses, poverty and health problems as the list of billionaires and millionaires worldwide has increased? Our people have been jailed, enslaved, dismembered, hunted, accused of learning to read, forbidden to read and threatened not to vote! All of this while we were singing: "A change will come."

Wait four hundred years and just be patient.

While waiting, colored people were gunned down, executed by guards, murdered while studying the Bible, and suffocated by law enforcement officials.

While waiting, colored people were falsely accused of having weapons at the site of the tragedies, and the victims who "vowed to obey the law" have been released!

Grieving families mourn while waiting! So we started this series with the question, "Where are we going from here?" then: "You didn't consult with me?" and now: "Where do people die?"

Now the doors of racism are knocked and kicked by marches and uprisings by people who are no longer waiting.

But racism is still subject to God! Racism exists, but God is still responsible:

He said, "The bottom will be up and the top will be down." "The first will be the last and the last will be the first."

God said: "I open doors that no one can open and close, that no one can close." Hallelujah!

But there is a limitation; There has to be order and vision.

The NLT reads: “If people don't accept divine guidance, they run wild. But those who obey the law are happy. “Divine guidance (vision) is the Word of God given to the prophets and priests of God to be preached to the people of God! Where there is ignorance or rejection of God, there are crimes, sins and people who run wild without a vision.

Morality, the Bible says, depends on knowing God and following God's laws. If not, we will die.

There has to be a vision!

– In your house, in the church, at work, there has to be a vision: someone is feeding the dog, paying the bills, preparing the food.

– During a pandemic, a racial uprising, there must be a vision to fight systemic racism, to defuse the police or to elect someone in or out of office!

– When there was slavery, there was a subway and evidence that someone had a vision.

– When strange fruits hung from trees and only colored drinking fountains, a speech "I have a dream" indicated that someone had a vision!

Visionary leaders may suspect that what is done on one side of an organization ultimately affects the other side of an organization. A vision helps you determine how you can get what you want, when you want, how you want. Nobody can stop you from your vision! "If God is for you, who can stand against you ?!"

– Do you want to go to college – go to college!

– Do you want someone to work for you instead of working for someone – work your vision! Tired of poverty – work your vision!
Yes, someone will try to stop you. Yes, something will hinder you, but only you can stop your vision! It is your vision! It is yours! It is yours!

– Without vision: systemic racism will not be eradicated!

– Without vision: you dance in someone else's vision instead of your own! But there is another limitation:

If you need emotional, physical, or spiritual support, you need to be careful where your help comes from! Help can have its own agenda.

Just because you march with me, kneel with me and raise your fist doesn't mean that you support my vision!

"Not everything that glitters is gold." Anyone who looks sincere is not sincere! All this smile doesn't smile for you, but sometimes against you! The most recent march began with colored people who said, "No justice, no peace." Now white Americans carry more signs than black Americans labeled "Defund the Police". Let us prioritize agendas with careful vision.

Let us not fall back on our own understanding – but recognize it in all our ways – and let it guide our ways.

Well, I'm over my time now and this is only part 3: So let's get up; keep getting up; sit up further; keep talking; vote, march and call the name above each name! And a change will surely come; because he will show us the vision!

Rev. Dr. MW Eagle, Sr. in the senior pastor of Grant AME Church in Long Beach, CA.

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