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House spokeswoman Nancy Pelosi teams up with Vallejo City authorities to request an FBI investigation into police shots that have eliminated Sean Monterrosa.

The Pelosi statement on Friday comes days after the Vallejo city council requested a criminal investigation into the evidence against the police fatal shootout.

"The assassination of Sean Monterrosa by the police was a terrible act of cruelty that continues to shake our neighborhood in the Bay Area," said Pelosi in a statement. "Recent reports that the crucial evidence for the investigation has been ruined are deeply troubling and underscore the seriousness and need for an independent federal outdoor investigation."

The city of Vallejo has actually requested a criminal investigation into the evidence damage related to Sean Monterrosa's fatal shootout by the Vallejo Police Department

A request for a criminal investigation by the Solano District Attorney, the workplace of Californian Attorney General Xavier Becerra, and the FBI are currently under development. However, the city demanded that the evidence damage also be included in its investigation.

"The allegations worry the damage.
The evidence under the supervision of the Vallejo Police Department is considerable, ”said Becerra

“The bottom line is this law.
Enforcement across the country is adequately covered by the microscopic lens and she.
have to do these things right when the opportunity arises.
Reconstruct trust. Make no mistake: we will be comprehensive – which ones.
consists of our different assessment in the Vallejo Police Department.
Policies and practices. "

The municipality of Vallejo also stated that an employee was actually taken on administrative leave.

I sign up with Sean's household, Vallejo City authorities, and neighborhood members to request an FBI investigation into Sean's murder, which consists of damaging vital evidence in the murder case. We should demand justice and responsibility to honor Sean's life and life Eliminating Sean underscores the immediate need for the Senate to pass the House-approved George Floyd Justice in Policing Act, which will fundamentally change the culture of police in America because it saves lives, ”explained Pelosi.

"May Sean's memory be a source of strength for everyone if we seek justice in his name. May it be a consolation for his family and loved ones with whom so many in our city mourn and pray for this devastating time."

Last week, Vallejo police released a webcam video of the shootout. The launched video disappointed the events before the deadly filming. The body webcam video was turned on after the officer shot and eliminated Monterossa.

But the video showed among the officers shooting from the back of the police car through the windshield of Monterossa. The windshield was then essential evidence, but was ruined.

Police chief Shawny Williams said.
He is dissatisfied that the windshield has not been serviced and hopes that the lawyer
General investigations provide clarity.

Monterrosa, a 22-year-old man from San Francisco, was fatally shot by police in Vallejo on June 2 when officials attempted to stop looters during demonstrations about George Floyd's death.

The Vallejo police said Monterrosa ran towards a vehicle that was simply rammed into a police system.

Police have said the investigator, an 18-year-old veteran from the department, opened fire because he believed Monterrosa was reaching for the butt of a pistol near his waistband. After the shootout, officials found that he had a 15-inch hammer in the front pocket of his sweatshirt and had no gun.


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