Particular Prosecutor to Examine Vallejo Police Taking pictures of Willie McCoy – NBC Los Angeles

Special Prosecutor to Investigate Vallejo Police Shooting of Willie McCoy – NBC Los Angeles

A special prosecutor will oversee the investigation into the shooting of 20-year-old Willie McCoy by police in Vallejo in 2019.

McCoy was shot dead on a thoroughfare last year
in a fast food restaurant. Police said McCoy was ordered to keep his hands
visible, but he reached for his weapon and then six officers opened fire.

However, a McCoy family lawyer said the officials had not done so
a current action plan to safely remove McCoy from the car.

The McCoy family is now suing the Vallejo police.

The special prosecutor who will take over the case is Michael Ramos, former District Attorney of San Bernardino County.

The McCoy family lawyer, John Burris, said he was bad

"For me, I see in its long history as a D.A.
where he prosecuted police officers, ”said Burris. "So I don't know if there is
enough history so that we feel comfortable as a family. "

Burris said he was considering D.A. to
Ramos & # 39; withdraw name.


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