Omar Faces Ethics Outcry Over Funds To Husband After Decrying These Who Revenue Beneath Our “System Of Oppression” – JONATHAN TURLEY

    Federal Court Rules Against Trump Administration On The “Third-Country Asylum” Rule – JONATHAN TURLEY

    MP Iihan Omar was in the news a lot for her extreme positions on defusing police forces and yesterday called for the dismantling not only of the American economy but also of the political system. When Omar declared support for comprehensive legislation yesterday, it scolded the American economic and political system as a "system of oppression" and insisted that we cannot allow people to "prioritize profit without considering who benefits from it." ". However, this question is now being raised in growing ethical concerns about Omar, which are giving her husband's company a massive amount of her campaign funds. This is a topic that I have been writing about as legal but corrupt practice for over two decades. The two stories show once again that the only defining element in Washington that is greater than irony is hypocrisy in our two political parties.

    The ethical allegations are voiced by figures such as George Bush's ethics consultant Richard Painter, who was one of President Donald Trump's most vocal critics. Indeed, Painter Omar previously criticized after declaring that she believed former Vice President Joe Biden to be a rapist who continues to lie about the rape of a Senate official. However, she continues to support and advise Biden in his presidential election. The painter contested that Omar would publicly admit that she believed Biden raped his co-worker because it could undermine his choice.

    The painter now focuses on what is clearly a legitimate ethical concern. He is quoted as saying that payments like Omar's “should not be allowed. . . given the amount of money that goes into these campaigns for special interests. "

    Omar had previously been criticized for paying fees to Tim Mynett's consulting firm when it was said to be in a romantic relationship. Mynett and Omar later divorced and married their respective spouses. According to media reports citing data from the Federal Election Commission (FEC), Omar Mynett has donated more than $ 878,000 in total since 2018. This includes $ 189,000 just a few weeks after the marriage was announced.

    What should upset voters the most is that (as long as the payment reflects a very generous standard of market prices) all of this is perfectly legal under the laws that politicians have designed for themselves.

    I've been a critic of such use of campaign funds for family members for a long time, but both parties have long dealt with this practice. I was a vocal critic of such nepotism from Congress members and nepotism in the Trump administration. The Trump campaign also pays abundant salaries to the President's family members or "significant others".

    For decades I've been scolding laws that have been carefully drafted to give the appearance of ethics while deliberately creating gaps for politicians to enrich their families. The recent controversy surrounding Hunter Biden is another example of one of these channels of corruption in the form of influence (treaties that bizarrely defended by leading Democrats and the media). It is also lawful, but an obvious corrupt practice. Given the corrupt but legal practices of members of their own party, many continue to claim that "if it's legal, it's okay." It's not all right. It exists because these politicians can rely on their parties to distract criticism or to insist that nothing is seen here. The anti-nepotism law is an example of this fraud committed by both parties on the American people. Congress carefully ruled out campaign work so that members could put campaign money in the pocket of their own spouses and children.

    It should also be noted here that this type of payment to spouses is continued in both parties. As someone who has objected to this gap for over twenty years, I am amazed that Congress has been able to survive this practice for so long. Voters are still fools, allowing both parties to play them in the blue state / red state politics. In view of ethical challenges, these politicians have only spread rhetoric against the other side. When it comes to ethics, politicians know that the outrage only lasts until the next short news cycle and the next politically brilliant object.

    If you really want to keep politicians from "prioritizing profits without thinking about who benefits," you can start with the families of people like Rep. Omar.

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