NBC’s Chuck Todd Repeatedly Airs Clip Beforehand Denounced As Deceptive And Mistaken – JONATHAN TURLEY

    NBC’s Chuck Todd Repeatedly Airs Clip Previously Denounced As Misleading And Wrong – JONATHAN TURLEY

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    Chuck Todd NBC Meet the press

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    We recently discussed the fake tweet from CNN reporter Jim Acosta, who ridiculed White House spokesman Kayleigh McEnany for saying "science shouldn't stand in the way". This quote was artificially cut off to leave the diametrically opposite impression of what was actually said. The clip suggests that McEnany rejected science when she actually highlighted scientific work that supported the White House position. While Acosta later sent another tweet stating the real meaning and his colleague Jake Tapper correcting the wrong narrative in the air, Chuck Todd decided at Meet the Press to play the misleading clip not just once but twice on Sunday. Not only was an openly misleading clip running, but defiantly after other journalists questioned the incorrect impression of the clip.

    In the Thursday meeting, McEnany reiterated President Trump's request that the children go back to school in the fall.

    "Science shouldn't stand in the way, but like Dr. Scott Atlas said – I thought that would be a good quote: 'Of course we can do it. Everyone else in the western world, our peer nations, do it. We are the runaway here. “Science is very clear about this. For example, take a look at the JAMA children's study at 46 children's hospitals in North America, which found that the risk of critical illness from COVID in children is far less than that associated with seasonal flu. Science is on our side here. We encourage places and states to simply follow science. Open our schools. "

    As already mentioned, it clearly cites science as support for the position of the administration. However, Acosta cut off the statement so that it sounds like McEnany rejects the relevance of science: "The White House spokesman on Trump's efforts to reopen schools:" Science shouldn't stand in the way. "

    The quote was McEnany and related to a scientific study. Immediately after the line quoted, McEnany said: "Science is very clear about this." Two lines later, she added: "Science is here on our side." The entire quote was McEnany, who submitted a scientific study that confirmed her position. It's like a McEnany saying, "National security is not relevant because the Department of Defense report supports this policy," only to tweet Acosta. "The White House press secretary:" National security is not relevant "in White House politics.

    Tapper stood on the facts of the story when his colleague CNN's chief correspondent, Dr. Sanjay Gupta, the same false narrative, repeated that McEnany had an "alternative factual moment". Tapper replied, "If only I could say, Sanjay. I think she just wanted to say that science shouldn't get in the way because science is on our side. I don't know that all of science is on their side – and this White House, its respect for science knows boundaries, let's put it that way, but I think that was what it was trying to do. "

    As bad as this incident was, it is nowhere near as bad as Chuck Todd, who ignores the controversy and correction to repeatedly say the same misleading quote. NBC was fully aware that the clip was not only misleading, but also conveyed the opposite of what was actually said at the press conference. Todd shows a clip of people denying wearing masks and says Trump ignores the risks of pushing open schools. He then shows McEnany's clip, which was edited to cut off her reference to scientific data, so it sounds like she says that science is not important. The clip was played a second time later on the show.

    If a rash tweet for Acosta at CNN is a mortal sin, it is a mortal sin for Todd at NBC. This was not a negligent tweet, but a charisma that took place long after the wrong account was flagged during the CNN controversy. It is another example of how the echo-journalistic model not only undermines trust in the media, but also undermines efforts to provide the public with comprehensive information about the pandemic. Instead of focusing on legitimate questions about the administration's efforts, Todd knowingly played a wrong Gotcha clip.

    I previously criticized Todd for omitting facts that were inconsistent with an attack on the administration, as well as his repeated derogatory comments on Trump supporters. This is a fundamental change in the media, in which such a design of facts that fits a narrative is now the order of the day. Indeed, it is important to maintain an echo-journalistic model. However, the result is the loss of reliable sources of unbiased news. Many disagree with this President and White House, but they still want to get a detailed account of what is said and done in Washington. Instead, they receive messages tailored to the preference of hosts, viewing the facts as a kind of sound that should be shaped into a preferred image for public consumption. There comes a point where you don't indoctrinate the public for long but indoctrinate them.

    I was hoping Todd would go back to the earlier clips to provide a context that shows that the clip is the opposite of what McEnany clearly meant. However, the show ended without context, clarification, or correction. This week, many of us praised Chris Wallace for correctly challenging President Donald Trump for misrepresenting Joe Biden's position on defusing the police. Biden's comment on the movement of money has been largely defended in the media as it would not support the more radical calls to defuse the police. Journalists complained that the statement in the interview was taken out of context. I agreed with this objection. However, the same media voices remain silent about this false report against the White House, and Todd plays the clip twice more in the air.

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