N.J. legislation enforcement important accused of making bigoted, sexist responses actions down

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A New Jersey law enforcement officer accused of making derogatory remarks about the country's first Sikh lawyer and the state's first Asian-American district attorney resigned, the workplace of the Union district attorney General reported in a statement on Monday.

Fanwood law enforcement agency Main Richard Trigo.Fanwood law enforcement department

Fanwood's chief of police, Richard Trigo, informed the prosecutor's council of business and community late Friday that he would resign on Monday, the statement said.

Trigo's lawyer, Joshua McMahon, told NBC Information Monday that the boss had not resigned or given up.

"Any claim to the contrary is categorically and demonstrably wrong," said McMahon. "Main Trigo had previously approached retirement on September 1, 2020 and had decided to go on vacation until then to deal with a wellness problem associated with relatives."

An audio recording was released on YouTube on July 4, in which Trigo allegedly claimed that Union Park's former prosecutor, Grace Park, was "incredibly hot" and "she had acquired huge species". He supposedly calls her "Chinese". Park was the first Asian-American district attorney in New Jersey and the first woman and minority to run the prosecutor's business in Union County. Park is a member of the Council of Korean People in America.

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Trigo also allegedly refers to New Jersey lawyer Normal Gurbir S. Grewal, the nation's first Sikh lawyer, who is referred to as "this person in a turban" and says, "I want to pull him like the best."

It is unclear when the alleged audio came from. The user who posted the online video Fanwood Uncovered could not be reached because there was no way to notify their account on YouTube. It is unclear who is connected to the account.

Union County Attorney General Lyndsay Ruotolo said in a statement on Wednesday that her office had initiated an investigation into the record and that Trigo wanted to "expire quickly" or disciplinary action would be needed to remove him from work if she authenticated are .

In a statement on Friday, Trigo's lawyer claimed the recordings were "manipulated and spliced". McMahon declined to notice Monday when asked if he or Trigo deny that the voice on the recording is Trigo.

"Chief Trigo, who is said to begin with the Spanish chief of police in Fanwood's file, denies having made inappropriate ratings," McMahon said in a statement. "These altered recordings were undoubtedly manipulated and spliced ​​together by people who were upset by the reform and development Fanwood 's law enforcement department led by Chief Trigo led by the Main individually employing and selling far more minorities than every chief in Fanwood's legacy. "

McMahon also said Friday that Trigo "continues to be fully committed to the neighborhood and brings people together, as he has been doing for about three decades." McMahon said he was confident that Ruotolo would "comply with applicable workplace standards and not notice or anticipate the merits of an ongoing investigation that the boss welcomes."

Grewal condemned the feedback just last week, stating that if Trigo had created it in front of other law enforcement officers, it would have been "really" out "and described the speaker's apparent misogyny and racism. For the reason that an official, if he did behaves in this way, detracts from the prestige and great work of the vast majority of officials who know that this behavior has no place in law enforcement or our society.

"If the remarks in the Chief Trigo recording had been drafted, it is still a much more important reason why we must continue to build an accountability lifestyle in New Jersey policing," Grewal said in a statement. "Obviously, there were other people in the room when these reviews were supposedly made by a law enforcement officer and they didn't do anything."

Sharon Lauchaire, a spokeswoman for the Attorney General's Office, declined to comment on Trigo's resignation on Monday.

Trigo did not immediately return requests for comment.

Ruotolo said Monday that her office was exercising his replacement authority to quickly monitor the operations of the Fanwood Police Department.

Captain Kevin Grimmer and detective Nicholas Falcicchio, both prosecutor's offices, will take charge of ongoing police operations on Monday, despite the search for a new chief.


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