Man Charged With Attempting to Kill 80-12 months-Outdated Lancaster Man in Restroom – NBC Los Angeles

Man Charged With Trying to Kill 80-Year-Old Lancaster Man in Restroom – NBC Los Angeles

An ex-fraudster was charged with attempted murder and other charges on Wednesday for allegedly beating and robbing an 80-year-old man in a toilet in a Lancaster grocery store.

Damaris Wade – also known as "Papa Cill" – is faced with a number of crimes for attempted murder, abuse of the elderly, and second-degree robbery, according to the Los Angeles District Attorney General's Office.

The charges include allegations that the 22-year-old Lancaster resident inflicted serious physical injury on a victim aged 70 and over and that he was convicted of robbery in 2016.

As seen today in LA on Sunday, July 12th, 2020.

Wade's friend Tamika White, 33, is charged with a crime of having been an accessory after the crime, along with the allegation that she was convicted of assault in 2014 with a lethal weapon.

Wade is said to have attacked Roberto Flores-Lopez on July 8 in the Superior Grocers toilet on the 1000 block of East Avenue J near 10th Street and stole the victim's wallet, deputy attorney general Yujin Yi said.

The victim's injuries included a broken jaw and nose.

His attacker was wearing a black mask with white teeth, and the sheriff's department posted a wanted poster with photos of the suspects two days later. The following day, Wade and White surrendered to the sheriff's Lancaster station, the authorities said.

Ali Villalobos of the Sheriff station in Lancaster noted that Wade family members had met with the Flores-Lopez family and that "both families are demanding unity in our community".

If Wade is found guilty, he may face a life sentence of 25 years, while prosecutors say White could face up to six years in prison.

Roberto Flores-Lopez was in the bathroom of a Lancaster grocery store at 1000 block on East Avenue J near 10th Street at 8:30 am on Thursday when he was attacked by a man with a black mask with white teeth. Authorities said.


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