Man Charged in Pennsylvania Amish Lady’s Disappearance – NBC Los Angeles

Man Charged in Pennsylvania Amish Woman’s Disappearance – NBC Los Angeles

A man was arrested in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania on Friday and accused of kidnapping the young Amish woman who has been missing since Father's Day.

The missing Linda Stoltzfoos, 18, was not found, the Lancaster County prosecutor said in a press release on Saturday.

Police in the East Lampeter community arrested 34-year-old Justo Smoker from Paradise, Pennsylvania on Friday. He is charged with kidnapping and wrongful detention.

Investigators still don't know what happened to Stoltzfoos, but believe that she was injured after her kidnapping. Her father noticed that something was wrong when she did not come to an evening youth group where she was expected. The police later restored a surveillance video showing Stoltzfoos being kidnapped alongside Beechdale Road, where she went home from the church.

Lancaster County Prosecutor's Office

Justo Smoker, 34, and the red Kia Rio, which is still under investigation. The police want everyone who saw the car in the Lancaster County area to call with tips.

The material that the FBI has improved showed a red Kia Rio. Several witnesses told the police that they saw a woman in Amish costume in the passenger seat of this car. The police say it was a smoker.

On June 23, two days after Stoltzfoos disappeared, the investigators went to a rural wooded area in Ronks, a small farming community, where they believed she was captured. The Kia Rio was parked at the scene, the police said.

Detectives discovered buried clothing in the forest that they thought belonged to Stoltzfoos.

The smoker was indicted on Saturday and judge Joshua Keller ordered him to be detained without bail.

Investigators from the East Lampeter Township Police, DA office and FBI are still learning more about what happened after Stoltzfoos was kidnapped.

Anyone who saw Smoker – or his red Kia Rio limousine – at the time Stoltzfoos was kidnapped and in the days that followed should contact the police at 717-291-4676.


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